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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
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43.89% 1.9B 59.69% 943.7M -30.10% 1.32B -49.63% 590.96M
Operating income
43.89% 1.9B 59.69% 943.7M -30.10% 1.32B -49.63% 590.96M
Cost of sales
-19.58% -1.08B -57.52% -562.36M 12.39% -903.27M 41.31% -357M
Other costs
-6.56% -69.81M -3.96% -33.52M 16.11% -65.52M 26.04% -32.24M
Operating expenses
-18.70% -1.15B -53.09% -595.88M 12.65% -968.78M 40.29% -389.24M
Gross profit
113.29% 750.01M 72.43% 347.82M -54.92% 351.64M -61.31% 201.72M
Administrative expenses
-40.05% -587.01M 9.95% -230.93M 31.36% -419.13M 6.63% -256.43M
Operating interest expense
1.32% -144.86M 2.64% -66.9M 7.37% -146.81M 15.46% -68.72M
Special items of operating profit
-60.85% 128.8M -63.05% 57.54M 307.41% 329.01M 389,472.50% 155.75M
Operating profit
28.09% 146.94M 232.71% 107.54M 177.65% 114.72M -80.47% 32.32M
Share of profits of associates
-5.14% 140.75M -2.28% 71.89M 18.09% 148.37M 13.46% 73.57M
Special items of earning before tax
228.96% 175.02M -- -- 259.92% 53.21M -- --
Earning before tax
46.29% 462.71M 69.44% 179.43M 671.33% 316.29M -54.02% 105.89M
-1,508.32% -42M -131.21% -28.96M 107.15% 2.98M 71.82% -12.52M
After-tax profit from continuing operations
31.77% 420.71M 61.16% 150.47M 429.02% 319.27M -49.77% 93.37M
Earning after tax
31.77% 420.71M 61.16% 150.47M 429.02% 319.27M -49.77% 93.37M
Minority profit
6,139.27% 170.85M 292.93% 71.48M -118.17% -2.83M -177.62% -37.05M
Profit attributable to shareholders
-22.43% 249.86M -39.43% 78.99M 386.04% 322.1M -5.58% 130.42M
Basic earnings per share
-22.22% 0.77 -40.00% 0.24 382.86% 0.99 -4.76% 0.4
Diluted earnings per share
-22.22% 0.77 -40.00% 0.24 382.86% 0.99 -4.76% 0.4
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
Unqualified Opinion--Unqualified Opinion--
KPMG accounting firm--KPMG accounting firm--

Q6, Q9, and FY are cumulative quarterly reports: Q6 is the interim report; Q9 is third quarter report; FY is the annual report.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
Guohao Group Limited ("Guohao") (stock code: 53), listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, is an investment holding and management company committed to achieving long-term sustainable returns for shareholders and creating superior capital value. Guohao's subsidiaries and investment businesses are mainly located in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and Australasia. Guohao's four core businesses are proprietary investment, property development and investment, hotel and leisure business, and financial services. Proprietary investment The Group's proprietary investment activities are committed to bringing substantial risk balance returns and the mission of creating capital value for the Group. The investment team consists of trained and experienced investment professionals, covering stocks and direct investment as well as financial operations, with up-to-date information systems and technical infrastructure, as well as robust risk management systems and control mechanisms. The Group's investment team focuses on identifying long-term maturity trends and related investment opportunities, as well as actively looking for backward stocks with good recovery potential. The Group's treasury team focuses on the global economic situation, foreign exchange and interest rate trends and strategic trading ideas, as well as controls the Group's major financial risks and hedging schemes to manage the Group's current assets. The Investment Committee of Guohao's Board of Directors, chaired by Mr. Guo Linghai (Executive Chairman of Guohao), is responsible for monitoring the Group's proprietary investment activities and guiding the operation of the Group's major investment and treasury businesses. Property development and investment Guohao Real Estate Limited ("Guohao Real Estate") is a public company and a leading property company listed on the main board of the Singapore Stock Exchange ("Singapore Stock Exchange") since 1978. Its business is divided into Singapore, China and Malaysia. In 2017, Guohao Real Estate established a strategic partnership with Eco World Development Group Berhad by investing in Eco World International Berhad to expand its business outside Asia and into new markets such as the UK and Australia. Guohao Real Estate and its subsidiaries ("Guohao Real Estate Group") are headquartered in Singapore and are mainly engaged in property development, property investment, property management and hotel business, focusing on achieving economies of scale in their core markets. sustainable development and growth. Guohao Real Estate Group's property portfolio includes residential, commercial, retail, hotel, multi-purpose and comprehensive development projects throughout the region. Guohao Real Estate Group has won numerous awards and honors in Singapore and internationally in recognition of the quality of its property portfolio, innovative development projects and the pursuit of business excellence. Guohao Real Estate's property portfolio in Singapore includes quality residential, hotel, commercial, retail and comprehensive development projects. There are 39 residential projects, providing more than 11000 apartments and accommodation. Its flagship multi-purpose development and the tallest building in Singapore, the National Hao Tower (Guoco Tower), is a mega development project that integrates high-quality Grade An office buildings, catering retail space, luxury apartments Wallich Residence, five-star luxury hotel Sofitel Hotel in downtown Singapore and a 150000 square foot landscaped city park. In China, Guohao Real Estate has developed a huge property portfolio and spread to major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin and so on. Large-scale development projects are being built in Shanghai and Chongqing. Guohao Real Estate (Malaysia) Limited, a 65%-owned subsidiary, is listed on the main board of the Malaysia Stock Exchange ("Malaysia Stock Exchange") and is a furniture-scale property developer. develop community-based residential towns and innovative commercial and comprehensive development projects in Malaysia. Hotel and leisure business GLHHotelsGroupLimited ("GLH") is the largest hotel owner and operator in London, offering more than 4700 rooms and more than 120 meeting and event venues in the capital London. Its property portfolio consists of four flagship hotel brands, including Guoman, The Clermont, Thistle and Thistle Express, all located in prime locations in London. GLH also operates London Hard Rock Hotel under a third-party brand. The Rank Group Plc ("Rank") is a leading European gaming company headquartered in the UK and listed on the London Stock Exchange. Rank operates more than 125 gaming venues and supporting digital channels in the UK and Spain through its three main flagship brands, Grosvenor Casinos, Mecca Bingo and Enracha, to provide a unique gaming experience. It also operates the market-leading Spanish digital bingo brand YoBingo and its sister brand YoCasino, as well as a number of pure digital brands offering online bingo, casinos and gaming games. To enhance the customer experience, Rank provides a seamless, continuous and personalized customer experience through different devices and locations through omni-directional channels. Financial service Fung Lung Financial Group Limited ("Fung Lung Financial Group"), an associate of the Group, is an integrated financial services group listed on the main board of the Malaysia Exchange with more than 10000 members. The commercial bank subsidiary of Fung Lung Financial Group is Fung Lung Bank Limited ("Fung Lung Bank"), which is also listed on the main board of the Malaysia Exchange. The Hong long Bank Group now operates more than 240 branches in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong and its wholly-owned subsidiaries in Vietnam and Cambodia. Fung Lung Bank provides a full range of personal financial services, financial management, corporate and commercial banking services. Fenglong Bank also holds an 18% interest in Chengdu Bank Co., Ltd., which is listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, making it the first Malaysian bank to enter the banking industry in mainland China in 2008. Fenglong Islamic Bank Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Fenglong Bank, provides its customers with comprehensive and Islamic products and services in the areas of personal financial services, commercial and corporate banking and global markets. The insurance interests of MSIG Insurance Financial Group are held by 70 per cent of MSIG Insurance (providing life insurance services in Malaysia), 30 per cent of MSIG Insurance (Asia) Limited (which provides general insurance services in Malaysia), 100 per cent of Fung Lung (Asia) Limited (which provides general insurance business in Hong Kong), 65 per cent of Hong Leong MSIG Takaful Berhad (which specializes in family Islamic insurance business) and HL Assurance Pte. Ltd. 100% equity composition (providing general insurance business in Singapore). Other financial services interests of Fung Lung Financial Group are held through Feng long Capital Limited ("Fung long Capital"), which is listed on the main board of the Malaysia Exchange. Fung Lung Capital has two major subsidiaries, namely Fung Lung Investment Bank Limited ("Fung Lung Investment Bank") and Fung Lung Asset Management Limited ("Fung Lung Asset Management"). Fung Lung Investment Bank is engaged in investment banking, securities brokerage, futures brokerage and related financial services, while Fung Lung Asset Management is engaged in unit trust management, fund management and unit trust trading. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries provide Islamic fund management services.
CEO: Linghai Guo
Market: Hong Kong motherboard
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