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Transfer Positions from TD Ameritrade SG to Moomoo SG (ACATS Transfer Supported)

We are saddened to hear TD Ameritrade Singapore's recent announcement that they will no longer continue to service their retail clients. We understand how difficult this must be for you.

Goodbyes are hard, but it's time to Moo-ve on.

Starting now, Moomoo SG fully supports ACATS (Automated Customer Account Transfer Service) transfers, allowing you to bring your investments to our platform with ease.

We offer you a life-time commission-free* trading of U.S stocks on our platform, and you will also enjoy access to our smart features to help you navigate the market. Moreover, for those who delve into options trading, here are the key benefits you'll relish when trading U.S. options with us:

  • US$0.3/Contract for US Options Trading*
  • Free Real-Time OPRA Options Quote
  • 4.8%^ Flat Ultra-Low USD Margin Rate
  • Customizable Multi-Leg Options Order
  • Powerful Stock & Option Analysis Tools

We extend a hearty welcome to both new and existing clients at Moomoo SG who are looking to transfer in their positions:

>>> Transfer Now


How to transfer positions from TD Ameritrade Singapore to Moomoo SG

Please first go to the TD Ameritrade website to download your latest account statement in PDF format. The statement must include your address, full name, and share quantity. To learn more about how to access your account statement, click here.

Step 1: Start the transfer process in the moomoo app

1.1 Click "Accounts", go to "Transfer", select "Transfer Stock In"

1.2 Select “US Market”

Step 2: Provide details of your TD Ameritrade account

2.1 Select "TD Ameritrade"

2.2 Enter your account number with TD Ameritrade

2.3 Upload your account statement with TD Ameritrade

Please provide your latest account statement in PDF format.  The statement must include your address, full name, and position quantity.

Learn more about how to find your account number, or how to find my statement with the other broker.

Step 3A: Choose Full or Partial Transfer: select "Full Transfer"

3a.1: Select "Initiate Full Transfer" for all your assets from TD Ameritrade SG.

3a.2: Confirm your account number and statement with TD Ameritrade.

Step 3B:  Choose Full or Partial Transfer: select "Partial Transfer"

3B.1: Select "Initiate Partial Transfer" from your TD Ameritrade SG account.

3B.2: Choose the Stocks, Options, or Cash you wish to transfer to Moomoo SG.


  • Name: You can only transfer stocks between brokerage accounts under your name.
  • Transfer Fees: Moomoo SG does not charge any fees for incoming transfers. However, the other broker may charge a fee for this service.
  • Processing Time: Usually 5 to 7 business days. Once the transfer is received by Moomoo SG, it may take 1 to 2 business days to appear in your Moomoo SG universal account.
  • Transfer Details: The above screenshots are for illustration purposes only, and the transfer details that require your confirmation may differ from what is shown here.



Q: Does Moomoo SG support ACATS transfer?

Yes. Starting from 16th October 2023, we support transfers via ACATS.

Q: Can I transfer cash balance, options, microcap stocks, OTC stocks or fractional shares to Moomoo SG?

For financial assets trading on US markets and exchanges, Moomoo SG accepts the transfer of stocks, ETFs, American Depositary Receipts(ADRs) and Options.

Moomoo SG supports the transfer of selected US listed ETFs (traded at over US$5/share and has a market value of over US$300 million).

For TD Ameritrade customers, please note that both US options expiring within 14 days and US Index Options cannot be transferred.

Finally, other financial assets that may not be eligible to transfer include fractional shares, short position, selective OTC stocks, mutual funds, bonds, futures and annuities.

Q: What are the required actions that I have to take for the stock transfer from TD Ameritrade Singapore to Moomoo SG?

You will need to take actions on both TD Ameritrade and Moomoo SG platforms.

Moomoo SG:

Please submit a receiving/inbound-transfer instruction via moomoo APP for receiving the positions from TD Ameritrade.

TD Ameritrade:

You will need to download your latest account statement from TD Ameritrade. Here are the steps instruction:

1. Log in your account on the TD Ameritrade website

2. Go to "Account Centre > Statement & Confirmation Centre > Account Statements"

3. Click the "account statements" tab

4. Choose your transfer-out account

5. Search and download your latest account statement

Q: Are there any fees involved to transfer stocks from TD Ameritrade Singapore to Moomoo SG?

Moomoo SG does not charge any fees for shares receiving into your Moomoo SG universal account with us, but TD Ameritrade may charge a fee. Please consult TD Ameritrade for details.

Q: What is the expected timeline for the completion of the transfer-in process from TD Ameritrade Singapore to Moomoo SG?

Due to a potential high volume of share transfer requests at TD Ameritrade, the stock transfer-in process may take longer than usual. The transfer process may take up to 15 business days, depending on when TD Ameritrade processes and transfers the shares out of your account.

Q: Does Moomoo SG offer joint account?

Moomoo SG does not offer joint account. Only individual account is currently available.

Q: Can I claim both transfer-in rewards and welcome rewards?

No, you can only choose one of the offers to receive the rewards. If you opt for the transfer-in offer, you won't be eligible for the welcome rewards.

Q: How can I activate the special rate of US$0.3 per contract for options trading?

Upon the successful transfer of eligible assets to Moomoo SG, users will receive this reward in the form of a commission-free card in their Moomoo SG universal account within 15 business days. The complimentary period lasts for 180 days from the date when the commission-free card is successfully issued.

Please note that during the commission-free period, a platform fee of US$0.3 per contract still applies.

*T&Cs and other fees apply. Please refer to full fee schedule

^Refers to annual margin interest rates

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