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        Trading Hours

        Managing risk in FX trading

        As much as leveraging can be seen as a way to increase your profit, it also magnifies your risk (losses). A good risk-management strategy in place is essential for forex trading. Clients should fully understand the impact of leverage and the circumstances which can lead to losses. 

        FX is a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital. Trading FX may not be suitable for some investors. Please understand the risks involved before trading.

        Pre-market risk

        Pre-market trading is trading that takes place 5 mins before and after the market reopen (see trading hour below)

        There are a few pre-market risks to consider for all clients

        • Limited liquidity

        • Wide bid-ask spreads

        • Price uncertainty

        Trading Day

        Monday to Friday

        Trading Hours


        Winter Time: 06:03 - next day 05:58 (SGT)

        Daylight Saving Time: 05:03 - next day 04:58 (SGT)

        Tuesday to Thursday

        Winter Time: 06:01 - next day 05:58 (SGT)

        Daylight Saving Time: 05:01 - next day 04:58 (SGT)


        Winter Time: 06:01 - next day 05:57 (SGT)

        Daylight Saving Time: 05:01 - next day 04:57 (SGT)

        Holiday Closing Arrangements

        Closed on New Year's Day (January 1)

        1/1:06:01 - next day 05:58 (SGT) Closed