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        How to Deposit via Bank Transfer Using a Joint Account

        If you initiate a transfer from a joint bank account, you can provide us with your proof of bank transfer and proof of bank account to help us verify whether the funds are transferred from your own bank account. Please follow the steps below.

        1. Initiate a bank transfer from your own joint account

        For more details about how to obtain beneficiary details of moomoo SG, please refer to Deposit via Bank Transfer

        2. Provide us with transfer proof

        1) In the moomoo app, go to Accounts > Transfers > Deposit > Select the Currency > Select the Bank > Bank Transfer to access the beneficiary details page, and tap "drop us a message" at the bottom of the page.

        2) Tap "My joint bank account"

        3) Enter the amount, currency and date of the transfer

        4) Upload"Proof of bank transfer" and "Proof of bank account"

        5) Upon receiving your transfer details, we will process your deposit as soon as possible