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Benefits of upgrading accounts

1. Easier trading and account management

Before an account upgrade, clients may not be able to trade all types of products in all markets unless they hold four single-currency accounts (a HK margin account, a US margin account, a China A-share account, and a futures account). While a universal account can achieve the same goal, sparing clients from the need to manage multiple accounts.

Old Account

New Account

HK marginaccount

Universal account

US marginaccount

China A-share account

Futures account

2. More trading scenarios and features

● Single-market, multi-currency trading

● Trading scenarios specific to a universal account

3. Clearer view of client assets

● Under the old-account mode, clients’ assets are distributed in different accounts, and it is inconvenient for clients to count and use them. In contrast, clients' assets are all held in one account under the universal-account mode, making it convenient for clients to check them.

● Under the old-account mode, clients need to check each account if they want to view all their transaction records. In contrast, clients need to check only one account under the universal-account mode.

● Under the old-account mode, each single-currency account will generate one statement, making it inconvenient for clients to check. In contrast, clients will receive only a securities statement and a futures statement under the universal-account mode.