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How to withdraw funds

1. Request a cash withdrawal from your account 

1.1 Log in and click Trade > Brokerage Account > All > Withdraw. 

1.2 Withdrawal amount

● Supported currencies: SGD, USD, and HKD  

● Withdrawable cash: Settled funds which can be transferred from brokerage account to bank account.

● Withdrawal amount:  The withdrawal amount cannot be more than the withdrawable cash.

1.3 Beneficiary account 

When filling in the information of beneficiary account, please pay attention to the following:

● Please transfer funds to your personal bank accounts

Transferring funds to third-party accounts or corporate accounts won't be accepted. Such withdrawal requests will be declined.

● Please upload your bank certificate

A bank certificate must include Bank Account Number and Bank Account Holder Name, e.g., a bank statement or a debit card. The bank certificate is used to verify that the bank account belongs to you.   

2. Estimated arrival and bank fees 

● Estimated arrival

After receiving your withdrawal request, we will process it as soon as possible. We will send you a notification once the funds are on the way.  Banks may take a while to process your transfer. Your funds may not be available immediately.

● Fees

Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. does not charge a fee. However, your bank may. Please refer to the fee schedule below for details. Intermediary and beneficiary bank fees may apply.

Bank Country/Region


Withdrawal Amount

Beneficiary Bank

Estimated Arrival

Remitting Bank Fees



Under 200,000 SGD

Singapore banks offer FAST

1 business day


Other Singapore banks

1-3 business days

30 SGD

Over 200,000 SGD

DBS Bank or POSB Bank

1-3 business days


Other Singapore banks

30 SGD


Any Amount

DBS Bank or POSB Bank

1-3 business days


Other Singapore banks

30 SGD or equivalent

Other Countries/Regions


Any Amount

Banks in other countries/regions

3-5 business days

30 SGD or equivalent

3. Withdrawal history

Log in and click Trade > Brokerage Account > All > Funds Record to view your withdrawal history. There are five statuses:

● Pending: The withdrawal request has been submitted but is not yet processed.

● Completed: The withdrawal request is completed, and the funds are on the way.

● Cancelled: Clients cancelled the withdrawal request. 

● Declined: The withdrawal request is denied. For details, please refer to your email and app's notification. 

● Reversed: The funds are returned by the bank and will go back to your Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. account.