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Financial report

1. Entrance

1.1 Application

Stock Page- Financial - Fianancial Statement

1.2 Desktop

Press F10 on the individual stock page

● Open any stock details page and select the 'Financial Analysis' page to view all financial related data.

● On the desktop, press the [F10] key on the keyboard on any interface, select 'Financial Analysis' on the F10 page, and you can also view the complete financial details.


2. Function entrance

2.1 Revenue Composition

● App

App displays the composition of the main business income of the latest financial report by default. Click 'Details' to enter the details page of Revenue Composition.

● Desktop

The details page shows the different financial reporting cycles of individual stocks, the main business income, profit, cost, etc., divided according to different dimensions:

  1) Switch between three split dimensions: by business, by product, and by region;

  2) Switch between three financial reporting cycles: all (annual report + interim report), annual report, and interim report;

  3) Switch data of different dates;

  4) Show/hide the synchronized data.

2.2 Financial report details

● App

Click 'Detials' on the mobile phone to enter the complete financial report details page. The details page functions are as follows:

  1) Switch the three report types;

  2) Switch the type of financial reporting period;

  3) View historical financial report data;

  4) Show/hide year-on-year data.

● Desktop

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