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Fixed Deposit Rates in Singapore [January 2024]

Views 1306Mar 6, 2024

October 2023 - Fed's Interest-Rate: Ahead of Powell's Speech in

The attention of the market will be directed towards Powell's upcoming speech on Thursday afternoon to the Economic Club of New York, as investors seek further indications on the future trajectory of US interest rates following recent dovish remarks made by a number of Federal Reserve officials.

A recent Reuters poll suggests that economists believe the Federal Reserve will maintain its current key interest rate on November 1st and may hold off on cutting it for a longer period than initially anticipated. This adjustment in forecast can be attributed to the increasing popularity of the US central bank's message of keeping higher interest rates for an extended duration.

I don't think Powell will take a definitive position as some on the FOMC have taken that interest rate hikes are behind us," said Avery Shenfeld, chief economist of CIBC Capital Markets.

Below are some of the latest speeches delivered by officials from the Federal Reserve:

October 2023 - Fed's Interest-Rate: Ahead of Powell's Speech in -1



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19 October 2023

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