Oil Analyst Sen Sees Brent at $100 by Halloween

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Bloomberg 09/18 22:44 · 7075 Views

Amrita Sen, co-founder and head of research at Energy Aspects, lays out the factors that can lead to “a temporary upswing in crude,” pushing Brent to $100 by Halloween. She speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

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  • 00:00 What's the around a same timeline of an oil vector I guess in juneor July of seventy something up to ninety four fifty one right now is that just a continued vector up do you see ninety five ninety six ninety seven etctera etctera etcter.
  • 00:17 Yeah if you remember Tom our price forecast for q was an average of ninety two dollars for brand so I think we'VE we'VE kind of hit it now so the question is we look an average of ninety two dozen allow oil prices To Go to hundred we're going to we're putting out a piece later today which is calling four hundred Dollar by halloween ah for b and again you know this is this is just a trajectory and at this point true of course it'a short termnb thing right I'm not saying it's going to average above hundred but could'go to one hundred dollars for a bit absolutely yes.
  • 00:47 A triple digtit by halloween ha ras that'just a meing mechanism just you know triple digtches halloween something about them it just it just rhymes right hundred by halloween that's why I know I'm joking but the artist no I think look ah fundamentals are very very strong right now but also positioning and that's one thing we shouldn't Miss a lot of hedge funds are very under position torude because of the macro concerns now we are see quite a bit of passive money comeback as well so I think the combination of that could actually.
  • 01:17 Into a temporary kind of upswing in crude and that's why I'm not saying we'are still we not expecting it to average above hundred but it could go above hundred in the year in the next couple of weeks.