GM CEO: 'This Is a Strike That Didn't Need to Happen'

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Bloomberg 09/16 06:15 · 12.9k Views

General Motors CEO and Chair Mary Barra says the automaker is “ready for this,” as she speaks about the impact on the company from the strike called by the United Auto Workers against the big three US automakers. She speaks with David Westin on "Bloomberg Markets."

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  • 00:00 What comes next we know there's individual plants to instructed all three of the big automakers in Detroit how far away are we from layoffs as other plants really run out of the parts.
  • 00:10 Well you know David first I want to say I'm extremely disappointed and frustrated that we'even on at strike we didn't need To Get here general motors has an exceptionally strong offer on the table it's historic it's the ah largest increase from ah ah wage perspective in our hundred and fifteen year his along with world class health care benefits and many other provisions job security ET ceter and e cola adjustment so when you look at the strength of the agreement we have on the on the table you know we really don't need To Be here yes they have one.
  • 00:40 Plant down right now and you know it'LL impact two three very important products to a brand new our chevrele Colorado and our GMC canyon both midsized pickups that are in strong demand as well as our our chevrola cargo Van that does exceptionally well in the market so this is having an impact and we'LL have to see where they go next I will say we're ready for this you know as we'VE dealt with covervet and dealt with the semiconductor shortage as well as other supply chain challenges that have you know continued to.
  • 01:10 Persist from covi our team knows how to manage these situations they're staying agile and we're going to do what's right for the company we're going to make sure everyone stay safe but this is a strike that didn't need to happen.