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快讯:*ST实达涨停 报于3.02元
News flash: * ST Shida trading at 3.02 yuan

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China Finance Online Co Ltd net December 31 news, today * ST Shida opened at 2.83 yuan, as of 14:50, the stock rose 4.86% to 3.02 yuan, blocking the limit.


Yesterday (2021-12-30) the net outflow of the stock was-30.4474 million yuan, the main net outflow was-28.3045 million yuan, the net inflow of the single unit was 667000 yuan, and the net outflow of retail investors was-2.8099 million yuan. (to view the real-time capital flow, please click)

    最近一个月内,*ST实达共计登上龙虎榜0次,表明*ST实达股性不活跃。 (更多龙虎榜查询请点击)

In the last month, * ST Shida has been on the list of dragons and tigers for a total of 0 times, indicating that * ST Shida shares are not active. (for more enquiries on the Dragon and Tiger list, please click)

    公司主要从事 一是移动智能终端业务,包括移动智能终端及相关核心部件的研发、设计、生产和销售,涵盖手机(包括普通智能手机、功能机、VR手机、投影手机、三防手机等)和行业终端(包括智能平板、物流终端、执法仪、卫星通讯终端、智能监控系统、智能家居产品、虚拟激光触控等)多个领域;二是移动智能终端配套电池电源业务,包括电池电源的研发、设计、生产和销售;三是物联网周界安防业务,包括防入侵系统、视频监控及物联网安防应用相关软件、硬件产品的研发、生产、销售及相应的技术服务。

The company is mainly engaged in mobile intelligent terminal business, including the research, design, production and sales of mobile intelligent terminal and related core components. It covers many fields of mobile phones (including ordinary smart phones, functional phones, VR mobile phones, projection phones, three-defense mobile phones, etc.) and industry terminals (including smart tablets, logistics terminals, law enforcement instruments, satellite communication terminals, intelligent monitoring systems, smart home products, virtual laser touch, etc.). The second is the battery power business supporting the mobile intelligent terminal, including the research and development, design, production and sales of battery power, and the third is the perimeter security business of the Internet of things, including intrusion prevention system, video surveillance and Internet of things security application related software, hardware product research and development, production, sales and corresponding technical services.

    截止2021年9月30日,*ST实达营业收入6.7584亿元,归属于母公司股东的净利润-2.3609亿元,较去年同比减少-0.0%,基本每股收益-0.3793元。 (更多个股业绩查询请点击)

As of September 30, 2021, * ST Shida's operating income was 675.84 million yuan, and the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company was-236.09 million yuan, a decrease of-0.0% compared with the same period last year, and basic earnings per share was-0.3793 yuan. (for more stock performance enquiries, please click)


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