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A picture to understand the 2021 report of pre-science biology.

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Securities Star data Center News, pre-Science Biology 2021 reported that the company's main income was 545 million yuan, up 53.49% from the same period last year; the net profit was 286 million yuan, up 56.45% from the same period last year; deducting 279 million yuan from non-net profit, up 53.96% from the same period last year; debt ratio 14.03%, investment income 2.5633 million yuan, financial expenses-29.2556 million yuan, gross profit margin 81.69%.

本期共有4个新进股东,中国建设银行股份有限公司-嘉实农业产业股票型证券投资基金 持股221.6913万股,占流通股比例2.62%,全国社保基金四一一组合 持股149.9119万股,占流通股比例1.77%,南方基金乐养混合型养老金产品-中国建设银行股份有限公司 持股72.0726万股,占流通股比例0.85%,大家人寿保险股份有限公司-万能产品 持股71.5642万股,占流通股比例0.85%;共有1股东增持,中国工商银行-南方宝元债券型基金增持35.0053万股,该股东持股占流通股比例1.54%;共有3股东减持,中国银行股份有限公司-大成优选混合型证券投资基金(LOF)减持47.5935万股,该股东持股占流通股比例3.54%,中国石油天然气集团公司企业年金计划-中国工商银行股份有限公司减持7.3877万股,该股东持股占流通股比例0.98%,中国银河证券股份有限公司-前海开源沪港深农业主题精选灵活配置混合型证券投资基金(LOF)减持36.4183万股,该股东持股占流通股比例1.01%;

There are four new shareholders in this period. China China Construction Bank Corporation Co., Ltd.-Castrol Agricultural Industry Equity Securities Investment Fund holds 2.216913 million shares, accounting for 2.62% of tradable shares, the National Social Security Fund holds 1.499119 million shares, accounting for 1.77% of tradable shares. Southern Fund Le Yang mixed pension products-China China Construction Bank Corporation Co., Ltd. holds 720726 shares. It accounts for 0.85% of the tradable shares, and everyone Life Insurance Co., Ltd.-Universal products holds 715642 shares, accounting for 0.85% of the tradable shares. A total of 1 shareholder increased their holdings, and the China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China-Southern Baoyuan Bond Fund increased its holdings by 350053 shares, accounting for 1.54% of the outstanding shares. A total of 3 shareholders reduced their holdings, Bank of China Ltd. Co., Ltd.-Dacheng preferred mixed Securities Investment Fund (LOF) reduced its holdings by 475935 shares, the shareholder accounted for 3.54% of the outstanding shares, and the enterprise annuity plan of CNPC-China Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Co., Ltd. reduced its holdings by 73877 shares, accounting for 0.98% of the outstanding shares. China Yinhe Securities Co., Ltd.-Qianhai Open Source Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen Agricultural theme selection flexible allocation Hybrid Securities Investment Fund (LOF) reduced its holdings by 364183 shares, accounting for 1.01% of the outstanding shares


For a summary of the financial report data, please see the following figure:

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