Competing with Character.AI, Google enters the personalized chat AI track.

wallstreetcn ·  Jun 24 22:58

Tech giant Google is developing customizable chat AI, hoping to apply artificial intelligence technology to consumer entertainment.

On June 24th, The Information reported that this chat AI from Google allows users to create personalized virtual characters and interact with them. The AI image can either mimic celebrities or be designed by users themselves. This plan will make Google a strong competitor for companies like Character.AI and Meta.

Google spokesperson Justin Burr stated that Google Lab is a place where the company experiments with creative ideas for future AI products, but he refused to comment specifically on this chat AI project. According to the report, Google's new chat AI project is led by the company's senior designer Ryan Germick, and the team consists of about 10 employees.

As per current plans, Google's Gemini AI model will provide technical support for these chat AIs. Users can create their own chat AI by describing the character's personality and appearance, similar to Character.AI's function.

Google's chat AI product will directly compete with Character.AI, Meta, and others who offer similar functionality, but Google has the advantage of strong AI technology and a vast user base. Google is also discussing partnerships with internet celebrities and celebrities to create chat AI based on their images and plans to launch this as a standalone product, which may eventually be integrated into YouTube.

Google and Character.AI have a complicated history. Character.AI was founded by two former Google engineers in 2021, and they left the company after their chat AI project was delayed for release internally. Afterwards, Character.AI partnered with Google Cloud using Google's advanced AI chips for development.

Meta is also launching chat AI based on celebrities and internet celebrities, such as the Coco robot based on TikTok star Charli D'Amelio, and has tested a studio that creates personalized chat AI for businesses and creators.

However, these personalized chat AIs have not been able to consistently attract a large number of users. For example, Meta's Snoop Dogg chatbot has only about 15,000 fans on Instagram, while Snoop Dogg's personal account has 87.5 million followers. As time passes and new AI products are constantly updated, user interest in Character.AI is gradually weakening.

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