GameStop Options Spot-On: On June 18th, 576.85K Contracts Were Traded, With 2.03 Million Open Interest

moomoo News ·  Jun 18 16:30

On June 18th ET, $GameStop (GME.US)$ had active options trading, with a total trading volume of 576.85K options for the day, of which put options accounted for 31.08% of the total transactions, and call options accounted for 68.92%.

It shows that as of the close of the day, the open interest of $GameStop (GME.US)$, indicating options positions have not been closed, totaled about 2.03 million contracts, which was 138.4% of the average of the past 30 trading days.

When $GameStop (GME.US)$ was trading at $25.19, the call option with $30.00 of strike price expiring on July 5th,2024 transacted 2,299 contracts. It ranked first among $GameStop (GME.US)$ unusual option trades of the day and reflected $413.82K turnover.

Additionally, in terms of the total trading volume for the day, the most active option contract of $GameStop (GME.US)$ achieved 41,938 volume and closed at $0.32.

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