AH stocks collectively opened lower, with brokerage and baijiu sector falling, and Kweichow Moutai falling more than 2%.

wallstreetcn ·  Jun 16 21:44

On Monday, the SSE Composite Index opened down by 0.49%, the Shenzhen Component Index fell by 0.3%, and the Growth Enterprise Market fell by 0.42%. The Wandequan A Index fell by 0.49%. The commercial aerospace and ultra-high voltage concepts have strengthened, while the baijiu, brokerage, and education industries have experienced the most significant declines. Kweichow Moutai continues to decline, falling by 2.7%.

The Hong Kong stock market opened low and went down. The Hang Seng Index opened down by 0.52%, with Enn Energy and Galaxy Entertainment falling nearly 2%, and Alibaba down more than 1%. The Hang Seng Tech Index fell by 0.58%, with Weibo and Kuaishou falling more than 1%. Brilliance China rose nearly 15% and plans to distribute a special dividend of HK$4.3 per share.

In terms of A-share sectors, electric power stocks fell again, and Sichuan Mingxing Electric Power fell nearly 5%.

After the brokerage stocks rose last Friday, they fell back today. Haitong Securities fell 3.3%.

Baijiu stocks continued to fall, with Kweichow Moutai falling over 2%.

Shipping stocks continued to weaken, with COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers falling more than 1%.

Ultra-high voltage concept stocks collectively rose, with Henan Pinggao Electric and XJ Electric Co., Ltd. rising by over 5%, and Baoding Tianwei Baobian Electric and Changgao Electric Group rising by over 4%.

The domestic large aircraft concept strengthened, with Xi'an Triangle Defense rising nearly 5%.

Self-driving car concept stocks rose.

Commercial aerospace concept stocks strengthened, despite the overall decline in the market.

In terms of Hong Kong stock sectors, real estate stocks fell back, with Shimao International falling by more than 3%.

Online healthcare stocks weakened, with JD Health falling nearly 4%, Ali Health falling nearly 3%, and Ping An Good Doctor falling nearly 2%.

Most auto stocks rose, with BYD Company rising 1%.


In May, prices of newly-built commodity residences in 70 large and medium-sized cities in China rose on a month-on-month basis in two cities.

Data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on June 17 showed that the prices of newly-built commodity residences in two of China's 70 large and medium-sized cities rose on a month-on-month basis in May, compared to six cities in April. In terms of month-on-month comparisons, Shanghai's increase of 0.6% was the highest, while Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen fell by 1.1%, rose by 0.6%, fell by 1.4%, and fell by 0.8%, respectively.

Margin brokerages increased by 170 million shares in one day? The CSRC clarifies that this is due to adjustments in index constituent stocks, and that strict regulatory policies have not changed.

Over the weekend, rumors of a surge in margin brokerages were urgently clarified by regulatory authorities on Sunday evening. In response to the statement that "Margin brokerages are retaliating like crazy, no wonder the market continues to fall; on June 12, the margin brokerages added nearly 170 million shares in one day," the China Securities Regulatory Commission responded on Sunday evening, stating that "self-media quoted daily increased lending data, but ignored the situation of reduced stock and balance."

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