After one year online, the number of "Wish" attendees for Damai concerts in cities has exceeded 100 million.

Zhitong Finance ·  Jun 5 20:06

After one year of launch, Damai concert city's "Make a Wish" has exceeded 100 million times, driving continuous growth in the concert category on the platform. In terms of product structure, the operating income of products worth 1-30 billion yuan respectively was 401/1288/60 million yuan.

With the high-quality promotion of the Damai "Viewing Decision Platform", significant breakthroughs have been made in platform digital advertising. Recently, after just one year online, the "Make a Wish" function on Damai concert city has already surpassed 100 million people, driving continuous growth in the concert category on the platform.

Data shows that over the past year, more than 200 artists including Andy Lau, Jay Chou, JJ Lin, Eason Chan, Zhang Jie, and Xue Zhiqian have opened the "Make a Wish" function on the concert city, attracting a total of 100 million people to press the "Make a Wish" button. Among them, the "Make a Wish" function for Jay Chou's "Carnival" World Tour and JJ Lin's JJ20 World Tour has exceeded 10 million people.

"Make a Wish" is a digital advertising product for concerts that Damai platform focuses on building after "Want to Watch". It aggregates consumer demand in a C2B manner and then feeds back to upstream content in the form of data, ultimately forming a big data sensor effect to help performance merchants optimize supply and stabilize sales.

Since its launch, this product has been favored by both C-end users and B-end customers. For example, after Andy Lau's 2024 Tour was announced, 2.4 million people flooded Damai to make wishes, with more than 200 wish cities; after Hins Cheung's Beijing concert sold out in seconds, the fans' wishes for the concert remained high, and finally the artist and the organizer added additional shows in Beijing based on the wish data, which sold out in an instant and received great market praise.

It can be seen that "Make a Wish" is playing a commercial stacking effect in building digital advertising, finding crowd increments, and exploring new consumer scenarios. On the one hand, the "Make a Wish" data generated by consumer demand will drive more concerts into lower-tier cities, providing market certainty and crowd increments. On the other hand, "Make a Wish" will become an important traffic entry point, attracting more users to stay and form volume, empowering brand marketing and promoting decision-making purchases. In addition, "Make a Wish" can also form a complete user interaction closed-loop with "Want to Watch" and comments and ratings, promoting user participation and sense of achievement, and continuously consolidating the Damai viewing decision platform mindset. In the future, with the continuous increase in user "Make a Wish" participation, it will bring greater commercial returns and imagination space to the market, merchants and platforms.

In the 2024 fiscal year, Damai's business has grown rapidly and commercial efficiency has continued to climb. According to the 2024 fiscal year performance announcement of Ali Pictures, Damai's GMV increased by more than 500% YoY, and the top concert projects coverage rate reached nearly 100%, making it the preferred ticket purchase platform in the concert industry.

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