港股异动 | 公路股全线走高 机构建议重视高分红特征 关注行业新法规落地进展

Changes in Hong Kong stocks | Highway stocks are rising across the board, institutions suggest focusing on the characteristics of high dividends and paying attention to the progress of implementation of new industry regulations

Zhitong Finance ·  Jun 3 03:13

According to the Zhixin Finance app, highway stocks rose across the board. As of press time, Jiangsu Expressway (00177) rose 4.06% to HKD 8.46; Sichuan Expressway (00107) rose 3.78% to HKD 3.57; Yuexiu Transport Infrastructure (01052) rose 2.72% to HKD 4.15; and Shenzhen Express (00995) rose 2.03% to HKD 7.83.

Shenwan Hongyuan pointed out that changes in the denominator are still an important catalyst for the sector. Under the situation of declining 10-year treasury bond yields, the configuration value of high-dividend highway stocks is expected to increase, and it is recommended to focus on related symbols that combine high dividends and growth attributes. Western Securities pointed out that from a historical perspective, the performance growth of the highway sector is relatively stable. The high growth of company performance in 2023 comes from the low base in 2022, and there is a possibility of volatility or lower-than-expected performance growth. It is suggested to reconsider symbols with high dividend characteristics.

Soochow Securities previously stated that the current highway laws and regulations may not fully meet the needs of sustainable development of highways, and there may be some room for reform. In 2018, the Ministry of Transport issued the "Draft Amendment to the Highway Law" and the "Revised Regulations on Toll Road Management", and the new highway law has spurred demand for expired highway operation management from two aspects: "relaxing restrictions on the management of expiring highways" and "allowing maintenance fees to continue to be charged after expiration." It also promotes the transformation of highway operation management towards "sustainable operation" and the focus in the future will be on the progress of the implementation of new highway laws and regulations.

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