Notice regarding the issuance of “Ichigo Residence Tokens” and the commencement of handling them on Japan's first Osaka Digital Exchange security token trading system “START”

SBI Holdings ·  11/19/2023 23:00

Ichigo Co., Ltd
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Co., Ltd.
SBI Securities Co., Ltd.
Progmat, Inc.

Ichigo Co., Ltd. (Chairman and Representative Executive Officer: Scott Caron, hereafter Ichigo), Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (President: Nagashima (Iwao), hereafter Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Bank), and SBI Securities, Ltd. (President and CEO: Taka (Mura) Masato (Mura), hereafter SBI Securities) invests in residences in Tokyo, Progmat, Inc. (Representative Director: Saito (Saito) Tatsuya (Tatsuya) We will collaborate on the public offering and operation of asset-backed security tokens [1] (hereafter ST) utilizing the digital asset issuance/management platform “Progmat” (PROGMAT) licensed by (hereafter, Progmat).
Ichigo Owners Co., Ltd., a wholly consolidated subsidiary of Ichigo, plans investment products based on investors' needs by making the most of the Ichigo Group's real estate management know-how cultivated over many years, provides opportunities for individuals to invest in real estate with peace of mind with professional acumen and management skills, and has been involved in issuing 2 STs in the past.
This time, the “Ichigo Residence Token - Shibakoen, Higashi Shinjuku, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Monzen-nakacho, Takaido, Shinkoiwa - (digital name transfer method)” (hereafter, this ST) has been issued as the third public offering project. This ST plans to invest in 6 highly convenient rental housing properties with excellent access to the city center, and it is planned to be the largest issue price ever for ST of the Ichigo Group.
Also, this ST is scheduled to be the first project handled by PTS (Private Transaction System) (name: START), which contemplates ST distribution by Osaka Digital Exchange (ODX below). Since it is possible to buy and sell at market prices in START and transaction prices are announced, it is expected that this ST will become an even more transparent financial product for investors.
ODX was established in April 2021 for the purpose of operating the first ST distribution market in Japan, and began stock PTS operations in 2022/6, contributing to the revitalization of financial markets. With the recent launch of the ST distribution market, it is expected that ST's issuance market will be revitalized, and the number of stocks handled by START will increase. In the future, as the issuing market and distribution market become two wheels and revitalizing the ST market, it is expected that investment opportunities that meet a wide range of investors' needs will expand, and fund-raising opportunities in asset finance and project finance backed by real estate etc. will expand for issuers, leading to the development of the Japanese economy.
In addition to transaction prices and disclosure information in the ODX security token trading system “START,” we will continue to provide information to investors who hold this ST through a dedicated site as before, and strive to ensure a high level of transparency.
Going forward, we will continue to provide products and information with the aim of contributing to society through collaboration across industries by providing new investment opportunities to investors.


[1] Marketable securities, etc. that can be transferred using electronic information processing organizations such as blockchain

◆Outline of this ST
item summary
Eligible real estate ・GRAN PASEO Shibakoen
・GRAN PASEO Higashishinjuku
・Paseo Metropolitan University North South
・GRAN PASEO Monzen-nakacho
・Rental residences within the 23 wards of Tokyo with high transportation convenience
・A portfolio composed of 6 properties within 2 years of being newly built
Total issue price ・2,925 million yen [2]
Operation period ・Approximately 5 years and 2 months (planned)
[2] The total issue price is the estimated amount as of the date of this document. <
◆ About “Progmat (Progmat)”
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Web site: <
Explanatory article: <

※ This document is a press release for the purpose of announcing to the public only the handling of asset-backed security tokens using a beneficiary securities issuance trust scheme, and is not intended to solicit or solicit individual financial products, etc. regardless of whether they are in Japan or overseas. We solicit and solicit individual products using prospectus through the securities companies that handle them.

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