Sensor Tower:8月共40个中国厂商入围全球手游发行商收入榜TOP100 合计吸金20.7亿美元

Sensor Tower: In August, a total of 40 Chinese manufacturers were shortlisted in the top 100 global mobile game publishers revenue list and attracted a total of US$2.07 billion

Zhitong Finance ·  09/08 11:10

Zhitong Finance App learned that the Sensor Tower store intelligence platform showed that in August 2023, a total of 40 Chinese manufacturers were shortlisted in the top 100 global mobile game publishers, attracting a total of 2.07 billion US dollars, accounting for 39.3% of the revenue of the world's TOP100 mobile game publishers in the current period. With the introduction of the lower card pool of 1.2 on August 9 and the upper card pool of 1.3 on August 30, the revenue for the current issue of “Collapse: Star Dome Railroad” increased 29% month-on-month. Meanwhile, the first half of the “Genshin” 4.0 Fontaine version also went live on August 16. Driven by these two games,Miha TourMobile revenue increased 16.7% month-on-month in August, so that the top three global mobile game publishers were once again taken over by Chinese manufacturers, namely Tencent Games (00700), NetEase Games (09999), and Miha Tour.

The large-scale box-court-style action RPG game “Crystalcore”, which was launched on July 14, effectively captured the summer season and continued its strong market performance. In August, revenue increased 35% month-on-month, entering the top five iOS mobile game revenue lists in China. publisherMorning and evening light yearsRevenue increased by 20.8% accordingly, reaching a new high, ranking 6th in the revenue list of mobile game publishers in China.

Thanks to its outstanding performance in the Korean and US markets, the ice and snow themed survival strategy mobile game “Whiteout Survival” became the global SLG mobile game revenue winner in August. publisherInteract little by littleRevenue increased 10% month-on-month for 2 consecutive months, setting a new record.

On August 2, the Japanese version of “The Blue Files” launched a limited-time recruitment campaign for a number of Samsung characters. The game immediately topped the Japanese iOS mobile game bestseller list. The publisherU-STAR NETWORKRevenue increased by 21% month-on-month in August, ranking top three to 8th place.

Mu Tong TechnologyThe new RPG game “Watcher of Realms” continues its strong performance in July. The current revenue exceeded 10 million US dollars, bringing the publisher a 13% revenue increase. For reference, the highest-grossing Squad RPG mobile game “RAID: Shadow Legends Assault: Shadow Legends” was launched in 2019. Although monthly active users have dropped from 4.7 million at its peak to 1.5 million, monthly revenue still exceeds 20 million US dollars and cumulative revenue exceeds 1.3 billion US dollars. This track is expected to become another growth point for Chinese manufacturers to go overseas to the European and American markets.

The leading manufacturers with the highest growth rate in the current period areBilibili (09626). With the launch of the 7th anniversary of the National Service campaign, the current revenue of “Fate - Title Designation” increased 750% month-on-month, making it the highest grossing month since 2022. At the same time, the long-awaited “Shine! “Youjun Girl” ranked in the top ten iPhone mobile game bestsellers in China on the day of the public beta on August 30. In addition to the “Journey of a Thousand Years,” an epic fantasy mobile game launched on August 10, Bilibili mobile game revenue surged 285% month-on-month in August, returning to 24th place in the publisher revenue list.

Lemon is slightly funThe merger of its mobile games “Gossip Harbor” (Gossip Harbor) and “Seaside Escape” (Seaside Escape) maintained a steady growth momentum, causing the publisher's revenue to increase 6% month-on-month in August, once again setting a new revenue record.

World of AthleticsThe MOBA mobile game “Heroes of the Dawn” recently launched a variety of new skins and heroes rapidly boosted the game's popularity, and achieved a breakthrough increase in revenue on August 18. In this issue, the game topped the Chinese iOS mobile game download list, with revenue reaching 36 times that of July, causing the publisher's mobile revenue to increase by 24.5% over the previous month.

In addition to the list, the Chinese mobile game publishers shortlisted in the world's top 100 revenue are in that orderEagle Point Network,Purple Dragon game,Glacier Network,Benefit the world,A perfect world,Smart Star Pass,Yale Technology,Heart to Heart Network,Road Trip Games with Hero games A total of 40 manufacturers.

Top 20 mobile game revenue on the App Store in China

“Adventure Island: The Legend of the Maple” mobile game “Adventure Island: The Legend of the Maple”, developed by the official NEXON team and published by Tencent, was publicly tested on August 17. It stood out from the crowd of new games. It topped the Chinese iPhone mobile game download list for two consecutive days, becoming the only new face in the top ten iOS mobile game revenue list in China in August.

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