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SOBR Safe Closes $10 Million Public Offering; Shares Rise Midday

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12:05 PM EDT, 05/18/2022 (MT Newswires) -- SOBR Safe Inc. (SOBR) said Wednesday it has completed its public offering of about 2.4 million units at $4.25 per unit for gross proceeds of $10 million.

Each unit consists of one common share and two warrants. Each warrant is exercisable for one common share. The shares and warrants were issued separately and are immediately separable from the units. The warrants, which are exercisable immediately and expire five years from the date of issuance, have an exercise price of $4.25.

Shares of SOBR were up 3.6% around midday Wednesday.

Price: 1.59, Change: +0.06, Percent Change: +3.59

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