Xiaopeng Motors: Xiaopeng Huitianzheng is developing full tilting technology, and the verification machine has obtained a licensed flight license

Moomoo 24/7 ·  Dec 27, 2023 05:48
Recently, the Xiaopeng Huitian tilting wing technology verifier completed a hanging and hovering test flight. The verifier is not the final configuration. It is mainly used to verify technologies such as tilting, flight control, and aerodynamic performance. It has now completed full-aircraft electronic and electrical system integration tests, small-scale verification aircraft flight tests, static tests, ground resonance tests, power system full power operation tests, ground and aerial tethering operation tests, etc. Meanwhile, the tilt-wing technology verifier obtained a charter flight license issued by the Central and South China Regional Administration of Civil Aviation of China on December 20. (Xiaopeng Motors)
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