Analyst: The US initial request data is stable, and personal consumption spending has declined markedly

Moomoo 24/7 ·  09/28 20:52
The number of initial jobless claims in the US continues to be at a healthy level. Last week, the number of initial jobless claims was 204,000, slightly lower than expected, and basically the same as the previous week. The increase in jobless claims was slightly lower than expected, but it is still close to the low of the past 6-7 months. The analyst said he doesn't think the previous GDP data would be drastically revised, but data from the previous quarter showed a marked decline in personal consumption expenditure and the overall price index. Neither of these were anticipated by economists. In terms of marginal effects, this is a moderate development, which is why yields have declined and the stock market has risen slightly. However, given the various intersecting factors facing the market today, this impact should be relatively short-lived.
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