Momentum ran wild in HKEx as investors saw valuation attractive


Market 01/25/2021 10:41 ET  Moomoo News
  • Into the New Year, the HK stock market keeps climbing, and Shares of Chinese tech firms listed in Hong Kong saw strong gains last week.

  • The rally was driven by continued money flowing into the HK stock market from mainland China, as investors saw valuation attractive.

  • Top 10 most actively traded Southbound stocks are listed in the picture, in which tech groups including $Tencent(00700.HK)$, $XIAOMI-W(01810.HK)$ and $Meituan-W(03690.HK)$ did well.


By Bayo and Linear

  • 进入新年,香港股市继续攀升,在香港上市的中国科技公司的股价上周强劲上涨。

  • 这波涨势是由持续从中国内地流入香港股市的资金推动的,因投资者认为估值具有吸引力。

  • 图中列出了交投最活跃的十大南向股票,其中包括$腾讯(00700.HK)$、$小米-W(01810.HK)$和$美团-W(03690.HK)$在内的科技集团表现良好。



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