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        ProBroPrivateID: 71409446
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          Sheep, Wolf, Herd, Herders, Boss, House.

          Everyone plays a part in the end. Some limited to decisions and role but the opportunities to level up and learn are always there. Pay it forward and always thank Bears. Wouldn't be up 10,000% right now without them. Discounts and Runs. EZ.
          Sheep, Wolf, Herd, Herders, Boss, House.
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          Remember this:

          $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ No one will ever fault you for taking profits. A wise investor will lock in their profits before they evaporate in this bearish market conditions. FED Tapering + Raising of Interest Rates will cause TSLA to drop 40-60%. Market conditions are no longer same as 2020 or 2021. This is why smart money all unloaded at the highs. Insiders like Kimbal Musk, Institutions and smart money like Cathie Wood are all unloading. She was calling for $3500 Tesla share price. Then sh...
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