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    $Grab Holdings(GRAB.US)$ very very weak premarket for an IPO. Definitely going below 10 today

    ColumnThe lifecycle of a SPAC

    According to theSEC filing, Singapore-based tech giant Grab will list on the NASDAQ on this Thursday (December 2nd)through SPAC.Investors voted to approve the merger of Grab Holdings Inc. and Altimeter Growth Corp. on November 30.Its $40-billion listing will mark the world’s largest SPAC deal.
    What is SPAC?
    A special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) , also known as "blank check company", is a company with
    No commercial operations
    Raising capital through an initial public offering(IPO)
    Purpose of acquiring an existing company
    A special purpose acquisitions company is essentially a shell company set up by investors with the sole purpose of raising money through an IPO to eventually acquire another company.
    SPACs have been around for decades, but their popularity has soared in recent years. In 2020, 247 SPACs were created with $80 billion invested, and in just the first quarter of 2021, a record $96 billion1 was raised from 295 newly formed SPACs. By comparison, only two SPACs came to market in 2010.In 2020, SPACs accounted for over 50% of new publicly listed companies in the U.S.
    How does SPAC work?
    There are three distinct phases in the lifecycle of a SPAC:
    Firstly, creating a SPAC and searching for a target:
    A SPAC’s IPO is typically based on an investment thesis focused on a sector and geography, such as the intent to acquire a technology company in North America, or a sponsor’sexperience and background.
    Usually a SPAC is created, or sponsored, by a team of institutional investors, Wall Street professionals from the world of private equity or hedge funds, while even high-profile CEOs have jumped on the trend and formed their own SPACs.
    SPAC IPOs are usually priced at $10 a share. Following the IPO, proceeds are placed into a trust account. In some cases, some of the interest earned from the trust can serve as the SPAC's working capital.
    When a SPAC raises money, the people buying into the IPO do not know what the eventual acquisition target company will be. In creating a SPAC, the founders sometimes have at least one acquisition target in mind, but they don't identify that target to avoid extensive disclosures during the IPO process (This is why a SPAC is also often called "blank check company"). Institutional investors with track records of success can more easily convince people to invest in the unknown.
    When the target is announced:
    Once a target company is identified and a merger is announced, the SPAC’s public shareholders may alternatively vote against the transaction and elect to redeem their shares.
    If the SPAC requires additional funds to complete a merger, the SPAC may issue debt or issue additional shares, such as a private investment in public equity (PIPE) deal.
    De-SPACing: The SPAC typically has18-24 monthsto identify and complete a merger with a target company, sometimes referred to as de-SPACing.
    If the SPACdoes notcomplete a merger within that time frame, the SPAC liquidates and the IPO proceeds are returned to the public shareholders.
    Information Disclosure:"Once formed, the SPAC will typically need to solicit shareholder approval for a merger and will prepare and file a proxy statement (or a joint registration and proxy statement on Form S-4 if it intends to register new securities as part of the merger).
    This document will contain various matters seeking shareholder approval, including a description of the proposed merger and governance matters.
    It will also include a host of financial information of the target company, such as historical financial statements, management’s discussion and analysis (MD&A), and pro forma financial statements showing the effect of the merger."
    When the merger is closed:
    Recently, shareholders of a SPAC company Altimeter Growth Corp voted in favour of the merger between Grab, the ride-hailing and delivery giant, and the listed shell company, paving the way for Grab to list in the US on Thursday (Dec 2).
    In general cases, once shareholders approve the SPAC merger and all regulatory matters have been cleared, the merger will close and the target company becomes a public entity. After an acquisition, a SPAC is usually listed on one of the major stock exchanges.
    A target company in a SPAC merger will need to prepare itself for being a public company normally within a few months, which is a shorter timeline compared to a traditional IPO for substantially the same preparation.Lock-ups for SPAC IPOs typically last 180 days to one year.
    Information Disclosure:A Form 8-K, with information equivalent to what would be required in a Form 10 filing of the target company (commonly referred to as the Super 8-K), must be filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)within four business daysof closing.
    The lifecycle of a SPAC
    The lifecycle of a SPAC
    The lifecycle of a SPAC
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    Mooers' Strategies: Tips for Building a Million-Dollar Portfolio

    Once more, Co-Wise: moomoo Tutorial Contest Part 5, "How to build a portfolio with a windfall of $1 million?" ended successfully. Thanks for participating in the contest.Wow With the $1 million windfalls, everyone has a different asset allocation method and a unique way to build the best portfolio. The top three candidates to be put into the portfolio are stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. Asset allocation aims to maximize future returns and minimize risks.Thinking Face However, high returns come with high stakes. There is no best, only the most suitable portfolio for investors. Would you please follow me to review some of the high-quality posts from mooers?
    Here are the rewards for your active participation: 1 FREE $Ford Motor(F.US)$ share for the five best posts, 1 FREE $ContextLogic(WISH.US)$ share for the five outstanding posts, and 66 points for posts with a minimum of 30 words. Congratulations to all the winners!Drool
    *The rewards will be distributed to winners within 15 working days. The ranking is sorted in alphabetical order.
    Part Ⅰ: High-Quality Post Collection
    Party@AxThePro  Balanced portfolio
    1 million is a huge sum to begin with, it is very important to have growth for this portfolio. At the same time, we also must make sure it is safe from significant losses. I’ll allocate my portfolio with 4-3-2-1 strategy. I am an agreesive investors, I do not believe in bonds, so I will allocate 100% in equity portfolio.
    Party@Dadacai  My Portfolio If I Had A S$1 Million Windfall
    If I had a $1 million windfall, I would put 90% of it in an S&P ETF like $Vanguard S&P 500 ETF(VOO.US)$ , $SPDR S&P 500 ETF(SPY.US)$ and $iShares Core S&P 500 ETF(IVV.US)$ , and 5% in Treasury bills. The remaining 5% will be reserved for stocks that I think have the potential to become the next $Amazon(AMZN.US)$ , $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ , $Sea(SE.US)$ , $Apple(AAPL.US)$ and $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$ .
    Party@David W Clark  How would I invest $1,000,000
    I'd put it in an account that at least pays as much interest as possible while researching for stocks, bonds, ETFs and other such ways to invest and grow. I may do this with a 45/45/10 split, Dividend Stocks/ Value Stocks / Cash.
    Party@Mars Mooo  The Squid Game Multi-Portfolios Portfolio
    The Squid Game Multi-Portfolios portfolio is made up of 4 main portfolios, as follows:
    40% weightage: Player 456 (Seong Gi-hun) Portfolio.
    30% weightage: Player 218 (Cho Sang-woo) Portfolio.
    20% weightage: Player 067 (Kang Sae-byeok) Portfolio.
    10%: weightage: Liquid Portfolio.
    Party@Panda2102  Barbell strategy to build a portfolio with a $1m windfall
    One portfolio (85-90%) holds extremely safe investments, while the other aggressive portfolio (10-15%) holds highly speculative or leveraged investments. Depending if you are in the Wealth Accumulation stage or Wealth Preservation stage of your life, you can tweak the two portfolio accordingly.
    Party@atelophobia  Portfolio building
    Building a portfolio is aka finding the best equilibrium and striking a balance of allocation across the different classes. There is no right or wrong answer to how should one build a portfolio for the fact that Trading/Investment is an Art not a Sciene as such there is no scientific way to judge an artpiece as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder!
    Party@Mama Cass  $1M Playmoney!
    If lucky enough to find or be given $1M to invest I'm afraid that at my age (55) I wouldn't go crazy with aggressive return seeking investments. Different age groups have different portfolio allocations. I'm a caviar kind of gal so I'm going to get a pro to take my million and make it pay off without loss.
    Party@nickelrust  Buy. Hold. Sell. Repeat.
    Me as a lower risk taker would opt for a safer option, to put the money into a basket of bluechip stocks and let it grow over a period of 3 to 5 years. With the current market still at its low, and globally economies are opening up and striving to stabilise and enter the real new normal.
    Party@Sufy87  It comes down to portfolio allocation and what you know best.
    Personally, I would allocate 60% stocks, 20% into ETFs, 15% options, 5% cash. Stocks are basically what builds wealth. ETFs are basically to get exposure to segments of the economy. Options are just to hedge against some of my positions. Cash is always as "bullets" when opportunity arise.
    Party@102252718  What is your purpose to invest?
    Everyone invest for a different reason. For me, I invest to grow my wealth pot for retirement and my child's education.
    10% ETF $ARK Innovation ETF(ARKK.US)$ $ARKF.
    10% Crypto $ETH. $BTC.
    Please click "How to build a portfolio with a windfall of $1 million?" for more engaging posts.Drool If you are inspired by any post from "How to build a strong portfolio?",  please share your thoughts and join us for further discussion. Don't forget to leave your comments and tell mooers what you have learned.Blowing Kisses
    Part Ⅱ: Voting on the “Mentor Moo” Title
    It's time for voting! Let's vote for the candidates to see who will win the "Mentor Moo" title. Whose idea do you think is the best? When evaluating the posts, please take the following factors into account: logic, practical content, type settings, picture displays, and engagement.
    By the end of the poll, the one with the most votes will win the "Mentor Moo" title. What a great honor! Come and vote for your favorite mentors. Your vote means a lot to them.
    Diversification is a critical concept in portfolio management. Different levels of risk tolerance and holding time could directly affect the category selections of investors. Do you have any other portfolio-building methods? Share your portfolio with mooers to explore investment opportunities together.Wow
    Disclaimer: All investment involves risk. Neither Futu Inc, nor Futu SG, nor moomoo endorses any particular investment strategy. You should carefully consider your investment goals and objectives when deciding on an investment strategy. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. 
    Mooers' Strategies: Tips for Building a Million-Dollar PortfolioExpand

    Mitch d

    I'm new came into some money I'm disabled have slot of family needs my help I need some cripto pics that will sore up to feed my family can some one HP me please
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    Profit when BTC goes Up or Down!

    $Bitcoin(BTC.CC)$ Yea, we all have been in BTC for Years!!
    Most of us have BTC in many different Pools, Farms, etc earning Nice Interest!
    But just as important …. you ALWAYS have to have a Small amount set aside to trade Derivatives (using Leverage)!
    Profit no matter which direction BTC is going!
    ALWAYS trade the Momentum!
    “Short” it when it drops suddenly and go “Long” when it rises quickly!
    Use that Volitility to your advantage!
    While most people just sit there staring at the Price Drop, the smart ones quickly get in and “Short” it (No, that does NOT make you a Bear)!
    Using $500 yesterday and “Shorting” BTC (with High leverage into today made $4,500
    Profit when BTC goes Up or Down!
    Profit when BTC goes Up or Down!
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    ColumnWhat to expect in the week ahead (NVDA, WMT, BABA, LCID)

    Weekly market recap
    Stocks are coming off a losing week after last month's consumer price index made its largest annual increase in more than three decades. The major averages snapped a five-week winning streak.
    The $Dow Jones Industrial Average(.DJI.US)$ dipped 0.6% and the $S&P 500 index(.SPX.US)$ eased 0.3% last week. The tech-focused $Nasdaq Composite Index(.IXIC.US)$ was the main underperformer, dropping 0.7% as rising bond yields dented growth pockets of the market.
    Here's a look at the return of S&P 500 sectors
    This week ahead in focus
    Third-quarter earnings season is entering the period when retailers dominate the daily reports. Big names will include Advance Auto Parts on Monday, followed by Walmart and Home Depot on Tuesday. Then Target, Lowe's, and TJX report on Wednesday and Alibaba Group Holding go on Thursday.
    Non-retail highlights on the earnings calendar this week will include Lucid Group and Tyson Foods on Monday, Nvidia and Cisco Systems on Wednesday, and Applied Materials on Thursday.
    Economic data releases this week include the Census Bureau's October retail-sales report on Tuesday and the Conference Board's Leading Economic Index for October on Thursday. Both are forecast to have climbed 0.8% from September.
    Monday 11/15
    $Advance Auto Parts(AAP.US)$ , $Lucid Group(LCID.US)$ , $Tyson Foods(TSN.US)$ , and $Warner Music(WMG.US)$ release quarterly results.
    $Automatic Data Processing(ADP.US)$ hosts its 2021 investor day in Roseland, N.J.
    Tuesday 11/16
    $Walmart(WMT.US)$ reports third-quarter fiscal-2022 earnings before the opening bell. Shares of the retail behemoth have trailed the S&P 500 by 21 percentage points this year, despite Walmart raising full-year guidance.
    $Home Depot(HD.US)$ and $TransDigm(TDG.US)$ report earnings.
    $Cboe Global Markets(CBOE.US)$, $Enphase Energy(ENPH.US)$, $Hartford Financial Services(HIG.US)$, and $Qualcomm(QCOM.US)$ hold their annual investor days.
    $Bristol-Myers Squibb(BMY.US)$ hosts an investor meeting in New York. CEO Giovanni Caforio will discuss the company's drug pipeline and strategic opportunities.
    The National Association of Home Builders releases its NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index for November. Consensus estimate is for an 80 reading, even with the October figure. The index is off about 10% from its peak late last year, but home builders remain bullish on the housing market.
    The Census Bureau reports on retail-sales spending for October. Expectations are for 0.8% month-over-month increase in retail sales. Excluding autos, spending is seen rising 0.9% This compares with gains of 0.7% and 0.8%, respectively, in September.
    Wednesday 11/17
    $Cisco(CSCO.US)$ , $Lowe's Companies(LOW.US)$ , $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ , $Target(TGT.US)$ , and $TJX Companies(TJX.US)$ announce quarterly results.
    The Census Bureau reports new residential construction data for October. Economists forecast that privately owned housing starts will increase 2.2% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.59 million.
    Thursday 11/18
    $Alibaba(BABA.US)$ , $Applied Materials(AMAT.US)$ , $Intuit(INTU.US)$ , $JD.com(JD.US)$ , $Ross Stores(ROST.US)$ , and $Workday(WDAY.US)$ hold conference calls to discuss earnings.
    $Cognizant(CTSH.US)$ , $Ingersoll Rand(IR.US)$ , and $Stryker Corp(SYK.US)$ host investor meetings.
    $Johnson & Johnson(JNJ.US)$ holds an investor meeting to discuss its pharmaceuticals business.
    Liberty Media hosts its annual investor meeting in New York. Companies presenting at the event are a mix of those owned by Liberty and those in which Liberty has a sizable stake, including the Atlanta Braves,$Charter Communications(CHTR.US)$, $Live Nation Entertainment(LYV.US)$, and $TripAdvisor(TRIP.US)$.
    The Conference Board releases its Leading Economic Index for October. The consensus call is for a 0.8% monthly gain, to a 118.4 reading. The Conference Board is currently projecting a 5.7% GDP growth rate this year.
    Friday 11/19
    $Foot Locker(FL.US)$ reports earnings for its fiscal third quarter.
    Source: CNBC, Dow Jones Newswires, jhinvestments
    What to expect in the week ahead (NVDA, WMT, BABA, LCID)
    What to expect in the week ahead (NVDA, WMT, BABA, LCID)
    What to expect in the week ahead (NVDA, WMT, BABA, LCID)