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          Stock Market

          It's very hard to trade in this market due to all the manipulation that's going on.

          One step ahead—Explore the future of investing with moomoo AI

          Dear mooers,
          Are you ready for a revolution in the investment world? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world, and moomoo is proud to be at the forefront of this exciting new era. Cheerlead
          Since the concept of "AI" was initially introduced in 1956, AI technology has been evolving at a tremendous pace, resulting in sophisticated systems like ChatGPT today. However, with investment opportunities fleeting in today's fast-paced world, i...
          One step ahead—Explore the future of investing with moomoo AI

          What's New: Issue Price of US Stocks Available in Android v12.11

          Got some suggestions regarding our moomoo App? Want to share the brilliant ideas to make moomoo an even better platform? Join #Talk to PM, leave your ideas, and our Product Managers will be there for you!
          Greetings, mooers!
          Welcome back to "What's new in moomoo"! Cheerlead
          Some of us may wonder sometimes, what was the issue price for a certain stock on our watchlists? Let's finish a little survey: how many of us would pay attent...
          What's New: Issue Price of US Stocks Available in Android v12.11

          What's New: US Orderbook Upgraded in iOS v12.11

          Got any suggestion regarding our moomoo App? Want to share some brilliant ideas to make moomoo an even better platform? Join #Talk to PM, leave your ideas, and our Product Managers will be there for you!
          Greetings, mooers!
          Welcome back to "What's new in moomoo"! Let Me See
          Today we have brought 2 new updates to mooers, including issue price information added to US stocks, and US orderbook upgraded to 60. Let's scroll down and find more details no...
          What's New: US Orderbook Upgraded in iOS v12.11

          President Biden is expected to announce a 20% minimum tax for billionaires.

          President Joe Biden is expected to propose a new minimum tax primarily aimed at billionaires when he unveils his 2023 budget, according to a document obtained by CNBC.
          Dubbed the "Billionaire's Minimum Income Tax," it would tax U.S. households worth more than $100 million at a rate of at least 20 percent. More than half of the revenue may come from businesses worth more than $1 billion.
          "This minimum tax will ensure tha...

          Weekly Buzz: 'Meme Stock' Rally Redux? GME and AMC soared again

          At the end of this post, there is a chance for you to win points!
          Happy Monday, mooers! Welcome back to Weekly Buzz, where we review the news, performance, and community sentiment of the selected buzzing stocks on moomoo platform based on search and message volumes of last week! (Nano caps are excluded.)
          Part Ⅰ: Make Your Choices
          Part Ⅱ Buzzing Stocks List & Mooers Comments
          Three major indices moved upward, Russell 2000 I...
          Weekly Buzz: 'Meme Stock' Rally Redux? GME and AMC soared again
          Weekly Buzz: 'Meme Stock' Rally Redux? GME and AMC soared again

          MooHumor: Your thoughts determine your actions.

          Then your actions determine your life. That is to say, the way you think can define how you live. Keep grinding. Keep sharpening your mindset, prepare yourself for all challenges along the way. Stop questioning yourself when you're down. Try to put the blame on other people. Although it doesn't sound entirely politically correct. But it's a hack for having great weekends lol. 
          as usual, vote first plz
          Let's goGrinGrinGrin
          @gorgeousevan: Without comment $Tesla(TSLA.US)$
          @Carry only: Makes sense. $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$$Nasdaq Composite Index(.IXIC.US)$
          @demntia: $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$
          @ProTraderMark: It's all about perspective $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$$GameStop(GME.US)$$Camber Energy(CEI.US)$
          @Lukas Pivar: $Sea(SE.US)$ It is a continuous stock price adjustment for rapidly rising growth stocks. For long-term investors, this is just a dip.
          @XDFX: $GameStop(GME.US)$$AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$
          @Smart Jerry: GrinGrinGrin
          @Tyler Maltz: Crypto is always volatile. This is nothing new. Just like the bashers that come out of hiding when Doge comes to the bottom of its range then they all disappear when it goes a back over .30…  $Dogecoin(DOGE.CC)$$Tesla(TSLA.US)$
          @Ankur Tiwari: $Tesla(TSLA.US)$
          @Blackwidow helen: $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$
          This week, we'd like to invite you to comment below and tell about:
          Have you ever questioned yourself when investing?
          How did you get through it?
          We will select 20 TOP COMMENTS by next Monday.
          Winners will get 88 points by next week, with which you can exchange gifts at Reward Club.
          *Comments within this week will be counted.
          You may post:
          ● A related meme in gif or jpeg
          ● Your real-life experience
          ● Other creative ways to show your sense of humor
          That's all for this week. Wish you have a wonderful weekend. 
          Peace! Cool GuyCool GuyCool Guy
          MooHumor: Your thoughts determine your actions.
          MooHumor: Your thoughts determine your actions.
          MooHumor: Your thoughts determine your actions.
          $Progenity(PROG.US)$ my 2 cents on this.Yes, indeed the short interest is crazy and it definitely has the possibility to be a skyrocketing stock. But I sold most of my shares after last nights - keeping some in case of a crazy rebound.
          From a technical standpoint, I think it is losing momentum - last night really found it hard to breach it back to 3.6. Plus next week we may not have good news; let’s be honest, company’s fundamental looks bad - I don’t believe what the Zack institute says. So folks do your own dd, don’t just blindingly hope it will rebound. Of course I wish you all win big from this!

          Trading slang expressions every trader should know

          When it comes to trading lingo, it’s a jungle out there, with trading expressions that can be difficult to understand. We’ve rounded up the usual suspects and tamed them into short definitions so you can speculate with confidence. CommandoCommandoFirst and foremost, let's say a big thanks to our amazing mooers to contribute so many good ideas by joining the topic #What lingos did you learn along the way? Thank you all!
          Please leave a thumbs-up or share it if you find this useful!
          LaughLaughBasic Terms
          Stonk: an intentional misspelling of stock
          YOLO - You only live once  and refers to people who invest heavily in a certain stock
          HODL - Slang for "hold your position" and resist the urge to sell your holdings.
          Hold the Line - A battle cry for users during volatility in the markets. When stocks favored by the forum began to drop, appeals to “hold the line” became common.
          Falling knife - Refers to a sharp drop, which is commonly used in phrases like, "don't try to catch a falling knife," which can be translated to mean, "wait for the price to bottom out before buying it." 
          Hanging man -  is a bearish candlestick pattern that forms at the end of an uptrend and warns of lower prices to come
          Inverted hammer - a type of candlestick pattern found after a downtrend and is usually taken to be a trend-reversal signal
          Gay Bear - It refers to people who WANT stocks to go down, and are seeking to profit off of the position, as “gay bears.” They are denoted by a picture of an LBGT flag and a bear emoji, or sometimes a strange video clip of dancing animated bears
          I Eat Crayons - More subversive self-deprecation, often used by members of the group to imply that their foolhardy bets, and possible resulting losses, should not be mistaken for formal investment expertise
          Paytience - Used as a reminder that patience generally pays off
          Restricted Shares - Shares only available to company insiders
          Tenbanger - An investment that rises to 10* its purchase price (or has the potential to do so)
          Odd Lot - A trade where the position size is less than the standard lot
          Babysitting - Holding onto a trade, despite losses, in the hope of breaking even or making a profit if the market turns around
          Dark Pools - Liquidity that exists between institutions on private exchanges, and is not available to the public
          Dip - The rapid decrease in the value of a coin or stock, or an entire market
          Fiat - Currency issued by the government, e.g. US dollar
          Circuit breakers - temporary measures that halt trading to curb panic-selling on stock exchanges
          GrinGrinGrin Animals in Trading
          Bulls - an upward trending market, a cycle of growth; the optimists who often go long
          Bears - a depressed and/or downward-trending market; the bearish trader or investor is pessimistic
          Stags - a short-term speculator, usually refers to a day trader, the opportunists
          Wolves - the unethical stock market wunderkinds famous for unscrupulous success
          Rabbits - the scalpers who buy shares for very short periods of time, ranging from a couple of weeks to intra-day buying and selling
          Turtles - the long-term trader, trend-following trader
          Pigs - the slaughtered, high-risk investors who is greedy, having forgotten their original investment strategy to focus on securing unrealistic future gains.
          Ostrich - the ignorant investors who tend to ignore the bad news and bury their heads in the figurative sand.
          Chicken - the fearful investors that are highly risk-averse and are really afraid to lose any amount. They are driven with so much fear that it sometimes overrides their common sense in making sound investment decisions.
          Sheep - the herd-follower who lacks discipline and whose trading strategy is unfocused and predicated on the suggestions of others.
          Whales - Whales are movers and shakers (whether a trust, bank or even an individual) with such a lot of capital that their buys and sells make waves in the market.
          Bearwhale - Someone with a large position in a particular coin but with a 'bearish' vision.
          Bullwhale - Someone with a large position in a particular coin but with a 'bullish' vision.
          Apes - the meme, favorite strategy: HODL, favorite destination: moon /Moon and favorite mode of transport: rocket
          Black swans - they look beautiful in white. But adding the word “black” – it killed it which resulting in a meaning of a completely unforeseen and unexpected stance
          Grey rhinos - preparing for highly probable events that potentially could have a high impact. They are often neglected, are not random surprises, but occur after a series of warnings and visible evidence.
          Unicorns - startups that have come to be valued at $1 billion or more
          Hawks and doves - the central bank’s decisions regarding interest rates. ‘Hawkish’ are those in favour of raising the interest rate and a tighter monetary policy to curb inflation. A meeker ‘dove’ stance is of the opinion that the central bank should keep interest rates low or flat.
          TongueTonguePopular slang to define market/ investor moves
          Tanking - When a market falls suddenly.
          Short squeeze - When traders who hold short positions are forced to close their trades due to the rapid price increase.
          Long squeeze - the opposite of short squeeze when a market drops significantly and unexpectedly very quickly
          Jigged out - when the market turns against a general trend, forcing traders to close their position.
          Flip - Buying and selling for a quick profit, usually intraday.
          Gamma squeeze - It occurs when the price of a stock surges in a short period of time, often associated with the purchase of call options to drive up the price.
          The dead cat bounce - the last gap rallying movement of a ‘dead market, when a stock’s price rises from depression briefly, only to fall again.
          Crunching - A market's price falling rapidly and going beyond a presumed support level.
          Sell-off (Dumping) - When an abnormal amount of traders are selling a position.
          Buy the dip - Place the trade when the price is down, on the assumption that it will rebound soon enough.
          Pump and dump - A group of investors colluded and bought the same stock at the same time to momentarily drive up the price of the stock and to sell it a short time later to turn them into a profit. Thereafter the price will drop back to the normal level.
          Bottom fishing - Buying or going long on securities after their prices have fallen considerably, expecting they will rise in time.
          Ask slapping - Buying shares at the ask price.
          Choppy - High volatility within a narrow range.
          CommandoCommandoWSB Special
          To the moon - a rallying cry for certain stocks
          ATH - all time high
          Apes together strong - It's a clique or expression of solidarity with other common investors going for the same goal like buying AMC to the moon.
          Paper hands - It means the investor is quick ot sell a stock at the first sign of trouble.
          Diamond hands - Continuing to hold a stock despite losses, adversity, and volatility, confident that the price will increase.
          DFV - Refers to the aforementioned Reddit user DeepF--kingValue, who posted about making call options for GameStop stock (NYSE:GME) and became the “granddaddy” of the GME stock surge
          ROARING KITTY - The social media pseudonym of Keith Gill, a financial adviser in Massachusetts whose Reddit posts and YouTube video streams helped drive interest in GameStop's stock.
          Bagholder - Someone who holds on to a coin or stock that has dropped in price and hopes it increases to the price where they originally purchased.
          TENDIES - Shorthand for chicken tenders, which WSB uses as slang for profits on a trade.
          DD - Due diligence
          DYODD- Do you own due diligence
          FOMO - Fear of missing out
          FUD - Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
          MOASS - mother of all short squeezes
          DYOR - Do your own research
          PAD - Pump and Dump
          NHOD - New High Of Day
          OTM - Out of the money
          ITM - In the money
          FTD - Fail to deliver
          HFT - High frequency trading
          AMA - Ask me Anything
          ATL - All Time Low, when coins or stock breaks its previous lowest price record.
          BTD - Buy the dip
          DCA - Dollar-cost averaging, an investment technique where a fixed sum of money is used to invest in coin or stocks.
          DCB - Dead Cat Bounce, a brief price recovery before a major crash.
          FA - Fundamental Analysis, a method to evaluate an investment by looking at its intrinsic value.
          ETF - Exchange-Traded-Fund, a tradable product that follows the price of an underlying asset.
          JOMO - Joy of Missing Out, refers to someone who is happy for not taking a certain position as the price keep on dropping.
          Lambo - Abbreviation of Lamborghini, used often when the price is going to rise sharply so that one can pay for such car with the winnings.
          LEAPS - long-term equity anticipation security, basically an options that is has a very long expiry (>=1 year).
          PMCC - Poor man covered call. Using a deep in the money call LEAPS to cover the call option instead of the underlying stock (generally lower upfront payment)
          TrickTrickCrypto Special
          2FA (2 Factor Authentication) - A double layer security used to provide double protection to user account.
          51% Attack - A possible attack on blockchain by a group of miners who hold more than 50% of the hash rate.
          Airdrop - A way to distribute coins to end users for free or exchange for performing a small task.
          Altcoin - Any cryptocurrency that is not bitcoin.
          ICO - Initial Coin Offering. Issued to be exchanged on launch. Similar to IPO's.
          Paper Wallet - The public and private keys of the cryptocurrency wallet held on a piece of paper.
          Gas - Fee paid to miners for executing a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.
          POW - Proof of work, a requirement defined by computer calculation.
          REKT - Used in the crypto community to indicate huge losses.
          SAFU - A term used in cryptocurrency world to mean safe.
          Wholecoiner - Someone who owns 1 full Bitcoin
          Nocoiner - A person who does not possess any cryptocurrency.
          OCD - Obsessive Cryptocurrency Disorder, for people who cannot stop monitoring their cryptocurrency daily.
          Hot Wallet - Storing of crypto coins online, connected to the Internet.
          Cold Wallet - Storing of crypto coins offline.
          DAO - Decentralized Autonomous Organization, whereby it run by itself without any human interventions.
          DEX - Decentralized Exchange, where people can do trading without the need of a middleman.
          ShhhShhhGive a thumbs-up to acknowledge mooers' contribution and share this post if you find this useful!LaughLaughDroolDroolDrool

          ColumnsS&P 500 Movers for Wednesday (11/03)

          U.S. stock index futures were steady during overnight trading on Wednesday after the major averages closed at records following commentary from the Federal Reserve. The central bank said it will begin to slow its bond-buying program, signaling that the economy can now handle an unwinding of pandemic stimulus.
          Futures contracts tied to the Dow Jones Industrial Average were flat. S&P 500 futures rose 0.08%, while Nasdaq 100 futures added 0.17%.
          $FMC Corp(FMC.US)$$Centene(CNC.US)$$Weyerhaeuser Co(WY.US)$$CVS Health(CVS.US)$$The Kroger(KR.US)$
          S&P 500 Movers for Wednesday (11/03)