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          ColumnsWhat is blockchain?

          To understand cryptocurrency, there is one concept that you couldn’t avoid ---blockchain
          The simplest way of explanation, blockchain is a specific type of database.
          A traditional database runs in a centralized organizing way that requires an administrator to manage and maintain all of the info. Blockchain orient its data in a decentralized way that requires no individual to manage. It simply structures all data into blocks that are all chained together in chronological order. When a block is filled, it would become immutable and formed as a part of its timeline. Each block would be given an auto-generated hash code as it becomes chained.
          What is blockchain?

          Why have governments and the Vatican being lying?

          A little off topic. The moon is killing us and the planet. There was a time about 29,000 years ago that Earth didn’t have a moon. The planet was cooler, it sped faster on its axis, and water covered 80% of it. Then out of the northern hemisphere a comet,around 100 miles wide, entered the atmosphere at temperatures between 3000-7500 degrees Fahrenheit. Striking the planet where Idaho is located, creating the rocky mountains and old faithful. As it ...
          Why have governments and the Vatican being lying?

          Happy Halloween, fellow apes!

          $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$
          Someone always knows. Unusual Whales has been showing such options flow like as observed by this guy below:
          Happy Halloween, fellow apes!
          Happy Halloween, fellow apes!

          I never thought I'd be the one posting a scripture passage on a post about a stock! $GRAPHENE $GMG

          We've mentioned this product being quietly used for what could be nefarious reasons?!$ And if not, then why wouldn't they just be honest about it in the first place. We both know why. I'll keep it short, and real. This is all I'm going to say about this for now. ✌️❤️💲😎🚀💯👈
          DANIEL 2:43
          “Whereas you saw the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men; but they shall not cling to one another, even as iron does not mingle with clay.”
          World English Bible
          $Graphene Manufacturing Group Ltd(GMG.CA)$
          I never thought I'd be the one posting a scripture passage on a post about a stock! $GRAPHENE $GMG

          Learn to read the writing on the wall

          Anytime you think that the world banks and the Elites that run them are a conspiracy theory and that they don’t have a plan in effect to depopulate the Earth, think about this?
          1. The entire world was put on lockdown over a virus thats 99% survivable. Lock downs have caused a decline in dating and postponing of marriages.
          2. Travel is now controlled more than ever- vaccine passports.
          3. A vaccine that hasn’t been properly tested being forced upon the world and the ones that don’t comply are to be punished. MRNA and spike proteins are known to activate cancer cells and invade the reproductive system.
          4. Trillions of dollars has been transferred to the wealthiest people and their companies causing the biggest wealth gap ever. Also New rules and regulations do not apply to them. Money is power.
          5. Societal truths are being changed to give power to the Elites to ban or cancel anyone or anything they want. Claiming men can now get pregnant thus adding more people in their support of abortion.
          6. Requiring mask to be worn, that have 0 effect on transmission of a virus, has a different effect on society. It causes a loss of empathy. Loss of empathy is when one starts to treat someone as an object and this is when they can become capable of cruelty. People aren’t born with the ability to know when to empathize they learn it from watching facial reactions.
          7. Churches being banned because religion is shared experiences that “unite into one single moral community.” Without the ability to maintain new structures – like small groups of five or six so-called nuclear families, societal growth and reproduction is stopped.
          8. Inflation has one main effect on society- people have less children when they can’t afford to buy much. Poor people are 90% of the ones who have abortions. Why do you think the Elites made it free?
          $Castor Maritime(CTRM.US)$ bought mths back, continue hold!

          Why EV stocks will fail in the future

          Global warming from CO2 is a lie because its impossible. Heres proof:
          Water vapor isn’t a ‘global warming’ gas… it acts as a literal refrigerant (in the strict ‘refrigeration cycle’ sense) below the tropopause.
          You know, the refrigeration cycle (Earth) [A/C system]:A liquid evaporates at the heat source(the surface) [in the evaporator], it is transported (convected) [via an A/C compressor], it emits radiation to the heat sink and undergoes phase change (emits radiation in the upper atmosphere, the majority of which is upwelling owing to the mean free path length / altitude / air density relation) [in the condenser], it is transported (falls as rain or snow) [via that A/C compressor], and the cycle repeats.
          These climate global warming idiots have come to believe that energy actually can flow 'cooler to warmer' (the basis of their 'backradiation' blather). This violates 2LoT in the Clausius Statement sense... energy cannot flow from lower energy density to higher energy density without external energy doing work upon the system to push that energy against the energy gradient. Do remember that a warmer object will have higher energy density at all wavelengths than a cooler object.
          CO2 isn’t a ‘global warming’ gas… it acts as a net atmospheric coolant at all altitudes except a negligible warming at the tropopause.
          adding more of the predominant u...