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        Shukri Saham GlobalPrivateID: 70197033

          Market Snapshot 7th Nov, 2023

          - 📈 Dow Jones extends its winning streak to six sessions, the longest since late July.
          - 🇺🇸 U.S. stocks had their best week of 2023.
          - 💹 Dow Jones gained 0.1%, the S&P 500 rose 0.2%, and the Nasdaq Composite was up 0.3%.
          - 📅 Monday marked the Nasdaq's seventh consecutive day of gains, matching a win streak last seen in January.
          - 📊 Last week saw significant gains, with the Dow Jones up 5.1%, the S&P 500 up 5.9%, and the Nasdaq Composite up 6.6%.
          - 📉 Bond yields tempo...

          Market Snapshot 3rd Nov, 2023

          - 💹 The S&P 500 had its best day in six months, with a 1.9% gain, signaling optimism about the Fed's interest rate policy.
          - 📈 The Dow Jones Industrial Average surged by 1.7%, gaining 564.50 points and ending at 33,839.08.
          - 📊 The Nasdaq Composite also saw significant gains, rising 1.8% and finishing at 13,294.19.
          - 🏦 The Federal Reserve's decision to keep interest rates on hold boosted the stock market, with a focus on the central bank's stance on bond yields.
          - 💼 F...

          FOMC Summary Nov 23

          Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's recent statements and actions:
          - 💼 Federal Reserve suggests it may be done with interest-rate hikes after holding rates steady for the second consecutive policy meeting.
          - 📈 Powell's dovish pivot boosts markets, with the S&P 500 index closing more than 1% higher.
          - 💹 The 10-year US Treasury yield drops below 4.75% for the first time in two weeks.
          - 📅 Future rate hike expectations decrease, with a one-in-four chance of another rate hike by ...

          Tesla, Inc. Q3 2023 Results Snapshot

          (Negative) Risk increase and decrease:
          The risk of transitioning from prototypes to mass production for the Cybertruck has been consistent over the past four quarters, with the risk increasing in Q3 2023 due to the upcoming ramp of the Cybertruck.
          The risk of uncertainty in the macroeconomic environment has been a constant concern over the past four quarters, with high-interest rates and macro uncertainty being highlighted in Q2 2023.
          The risk of commodity pri...

          ColumnsWall Street Today | Strategists See Dimmer Quarterly Earnings Outlook

          Wall Street Strategists Sound Alarm on Dimmer Profit Outlook
          Given this is a time of year when earnings revisions tend to see an upward inflection in breadth, further underperformance “would be a sign that other cyclical risks, including macro headwinds, are driving the earnings revisions backdrop,” Wilson wrote in a note.
          Citigroup Inc.’s index of earnings revisions shows downgrades have outpaced upgrades for four straig...
          Wall Street Today | Strategists See Dimmer Quarterly Earnings Outlook
          Wall Street Today | Strategists See Dimmer Quarterly Earnings Outlook
          Wall Street Today | Strategists See Dimmer Quarterly Earnings Outlook

          Market Snapshot 17th Oct 2023

          📈 The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed 314.25 points higher, marking its sixth gain in the past seven trading sessions.
          📊 The S&P 500 ended up by almost 1.1%, and the Nasdaq Composite finished 1.2% higher.
          💰 Investors are preparing for earnings season and moving away from last week's safe-haven investments due to the Israel-Hamas conflict.
          🌍 Despite the Middle East conflict, U.S. markets remain relatively unaffected, as the war is seen as having minimal impact unl...

          ColumnsLargest Israeli Stocks Are Losing Ground in the US Market

          The highest interest rate in 22 years has already weighed on the US market. The market is now rattled by another geopolitical uncertainty following the unexpected attack by Hamas on Israel.
          The largest US-listed Israeli companies are mostly trading in the negative territory on Monday. Shares of Israeli Autonomous driving tech company $Mobileye Global(MBLY.US)$ were down nearly 5%. Cybersecurity company Check $Check Point Software(CHKP.US)$...
          Largest Israeli Stocks Are Losing Ground in the US Market

          Market Snapshot 7 Oct,23

          - 📈 U.S. stocks closed higher on Friday, with positive momentum in the market.
          - 💼 The S&P 500 managed to secure a modest weekly gain, marking a welcome break from its four-week losing streak.
          - 💹 The Dow Jones Industrial Average posted a solid 0.9% gain, while the S&P 500 saw a robust 1.2% increase, and the Nasdaq Composite surged by an impressive 1.6%.
          - 📊 The U.S. economy delivered a notable performance, adding 336,000 jobs in September, surpassing economists' expectat...

          😱MCD under significant threat!

          McDonald’s and Others Face New Rule That Could ‘Destroy the Franchise Model,’ Company Says
          The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) proposes a new rule that expands the "joint employer" definition, potentially making franchisors liable in labor disputes and bringing them to the bargaining table with unions. This rule could have significant implications for industries heavily reliant on franchising, such as fast food and hotels.
          - The NLRB is preparing to is...
          😱MCD under significant threat!