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        MikebiererMaleID: 70042958
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          Plenty of fans, known as “Apes,” are rooting for AMC Entertainment to succeed in 2024. That’s all fine and well, but AMC stock is on a downtrend and the best grade we can give it is a “D.” It’s not an insult to the company or the “Apes,” but only an assessment that AMC Entertainment doesn’t offer a favorable risk-to-reward balance to the shareholders.
          Some folks, including AMC Entertainment CEO Adam Aron, might claim that the company is staging an excellent post-pandemic recovery. Still, invest...

          AMC closes its last remaining movie theater in the Des Moines metro

          AMC closed its last Des Moines area movie theater over the weekend. The AMC Classic Johnston 16 at 5233 N.W. 86th St., Johnston, closed, according to its website.
          Opened in 1998 as Wynnsong Cinemas, the Johnston theater underwent floor-to-ceiling renovations in 2016 that added new seats, light fixtures and a bar. Late in 2016 AMC bought competitor Carmike Cinemas for $1.1 billion and acquired the Johnston theater and theaters in...

          GameStop stock fans expect another meme stock rally

          The video game retailer’s sales have declined as demand has shifted online. However, it became a fan favorite among Wall Street Bets investors on Reddit late in 2020. Hope that GameStop would reinvent itself under guidance from billionaire investor Ryan Cohen caused shares to skyrocket from $1 in 2020 to over $120 in early 2021.
          It’s been a rough ride for shareholders since then. GameStop stock currently trades below $15 per share, leaving many...
          GameStop stock fans expect another meme stock rally

          Genuine question

          To all the people that begin their posts with “you may call me a shill but…” or “downvote me if you must…”
          Why are you here? Not trying to be mean or disingenuous but if you feel AMC is going bankrupt, why not just sell your shares and take the loss? I mean according to your argument, something is better than nothing right?
          Why are you so concerned about my investment? Will you still be making posts if AMC prices go up? Will those posts then be encouraging or will they read lik...

          Does anyone see that the last Dilution has even been started?

          I have been checking the Authorized Share Count. I have been checking the Publically Declared Float. There has been no increase in reported shares common to AMC Float. Everyone has been bashing AA for further dilution. I see no evidence, beyond the initial offering filing, that any shares have been added to the float.
          My broker sees the same numbers I do. Are there any Apes or wrinkle brains that can show additional shares (any of the ...
          Mikebierer liked and commented on

          AMC Stock Loses Even When It Wins

          AMC Entertainment stock trounced Wall Street’s expectations in the third quarter. Moviegoers hit the theaters in droves as Barbie and Oppenheimer wowed audiences. AMC attendance was up 38% from the year-ago period pushing revenue to $1.4 billion. That was 45% above last year and nearly 12% better than Wall Street’s expectation of $1.3 billion.
          Even better for AMC was the $0.08 per share profit it turned in versus the $2.20 per share loss in 2022. It was also fa...

          Fund Manager Sees More Gains Ahead for NVDA Stock

          Here’s a success story to consider. Adam Gold of Deep Growth Plus has held NVDA stock since 2016. He’s sitting on huge gains with that investment. Gold has struck gold with a simple concept: “Just focus on owning the best performing companies at a larger size than any benchmark.”
          Notice that this principle doesn’t obsess over trailing price-to-earnings ratios or other traditional valuation metrics. It’s fine to monitor these metrics, but they’re ...

          Nvidia Introduces New AI Chips for China

          Nvidia’s management isn’t losing sleep over U.S. export restrictions to China. Previously, they assured that “These new export controls will not have a meaningful impact in the near-term.”
          Moreover, in a more recent statement, Nvidia’s management reaffirmed that there’s “high demand” for the company’s advanced AI systems.
          A Barron’s report put the geopolitical concerns in context. It stated, “[O]verall demand for AI applications continues to rise, in a m...

          AMD Delivers High Performance, High Efficiency CPUs and GPUs for All HPC Use Cases

          When it comes to high-performance computing, expectations are higher than ever. Commercial enterprises and academic research labs need to solve complex real-world problems and conduct large-scale simulations faster than ever. At the same time, they are facing new requirements to reduce power consumption and deliver outstanding TCO. That’s why the industry is increasingly turning to AMD for solutions.
          For the sec...

          ‘The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live’ Sets Premiere Date at AMC, Drops Teaser

          AMC’s “The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live,” featuring the return of beloved characters Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) from the original series, has released a new teaser.
          The series is the next installment of the popular “The Walking Dead” franchise and will premiere Feb. 25, 2024, on both AMC and AMC+. Lincoln and Gurira serve as executive producers along with showrunner Scott M. Gimple, Den...