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        KittykikiPrivateID: 70038971
        A Charming Girl👀
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          The Origin of The Name "moomoo"

          $Futu Holdings Ltd(FUTU.US)$
          We know that the name of our app "moomoo" has aroused some discussions on social media. Our staff are also curious about the origin of the name "moomoo." By chance, a casual talk with Futu CEO, Leaf, at leisure unravels the mystery. Tongue
          "One night three years ago, when we were at loggerheads over the name for this international stock trading app, the wife of Keith who was in charge of the US branch of FUTU happened to pass by and heard our quarrel.
          'How about calling it moomoo?' She threw out an off-the-cuff remark, 'it's in a nursery rhyme.'
          What a wake-up call, snapping me out of a dazed state! Moo, as the sound of bull, the metaphor of which is direct, vivid, catchy, and lovely. Although it's made of six letters, only the two letters, 'm' and 'o,' are contained and also repeated regularly. Even hard to misspell it!
          I wa...
          The Origin of The Name "moomoo"
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          Thankful for unique features within Moomoo platform - see below and use them too

          I’m grateful to Moomoo for the reliable platform (especially during the first 30 mins after the market opens when all others - Thinkorswim, Robinhood and WeBull - are frozen) and all the useful and somewhat unique (again, comparing to other platforms) features that allowed me to achieve impressive financial results.
          The holidays are about giving back, therefore I decided to dedicate this pre-holiday evening to contribute to the financial success of Moomoo community.
          1. Customized company name
          My favorite feature: replace the company name with your own notes (price targets, catalyst dates, support/resista...
          Thankful for unique features within Moomoo platform - see below and use them too
          Thankful for unique features within Moomoo platform - see below and use them too
          Thankful for unique features within Moomoo platform - see below and use them too
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          $Palantir(PLTR.US)$ Pressure lvl move up again 🥰
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          Learning everyday

          I would like to thank all of those involved with short selling for making me find different stocks. That may sound a little unorthodox but for most of us, if we are not forced to look for better opportunities we become complacent.
          I have yet to complete my first year of trading and in the beginning there were a lot of obstacles. The first one being fear. I don't ever gamble even though there are casinos close by and sports books being a new option. The fear of what I may lose keeps me from it.  It can be said that trading is a huge gamble due to uncertainty and risk. When I first started I was filled with a lack of confidence and resigned myself to accept the fact that we're all just guessing anyway. These thoughts soon faded.
          The second thing I had to overcome was finding the right platform to trade on. The world is full of trading platforms and many of the first ones I researched won't supply real time quotes unless you pay for it. Finding Moo Moo was sure a blessing and I had almost given up when I found this platform.
          The third thing was learning all of the different jargon associated with trading. It's almost like a modified different type of language within our own.
          After time, all of these obstacles were overcome but it did not come without persistence and the help of Moo Moo staff constantly posting news or relevant information. There are still many aspects of trading for me to explore and this platform seems to s...
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          Thanks To My Stocks, Not Luck

          I have invested in stocks for many years. Since the day I began to trade, I had been told you only need good luck to earn money. If you earn, then you should be tearful and grateful to the gorgeous goddess of Luck. Well, that’s NONSENSE.
          To me, the only thing you should thank is the stock you trade. When you trade, you are in relationships with the stocks you choose. Each stock you hold for a long time or trade frequently can teach you something. So, in this year’s Thanksgiving, I’d like to show gratitude to a few stocks.
          To Stocks Paying for My LV...
          Thanks To My Stocks, Not Luck
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          This year has been a year where i have learned the most. Sometimes we forget that storms in life are necessary for us to grow and become stronger. A storm teaches us humility and to always reach back and help someone up that is struggling to get thru theirs. We all succeed or none of us succeed. So thank you MooMoo and as token of my appreciation if i were or am picked give my free stock to some one else just beginning to learn to trade because it will help them way more than it will help me. Thank You and God Bless.
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          $Palantir(PLTR.US)$ this is all just chump change, can’t wait when from a year from now you look back at these old post and see “PLTR since Post 500%”.  Then you think yourself “Damn, the millionaires DO go long...” and when you zoom out on the chart and see the red days and Green Day’s then you realize why shorts exist, to make the rich by the dips.
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          #Thanksgiving: For good things......

          #Thanksgiving: For good things happening this year. I found a part time job despite Covid and thank you for keeping my family safe!
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          $FuelCell Energy(FCEL.US)$ I'm going take one crack at calling the top here and if I fail I'll put a lifetimes worth of technical analysis behind me and buy a FCEL foam finger, cap, t-shirt and cheer for price to go higher for the rest of my remained days.  Ok, I probably won't do that, but I do have a pretty strong feeling this run is about over.  The funny thing is, if the bulls show up again tomorrow, price just might go up another 30% although I believe the odds of that happening are pretty slim.  Red zone on the chart is where I think the sellers may try to regain some control.  Best of luck to all....
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          [WeeklyTop5Stocks] EV Market Keep Rising Againest Bear Raids

          Good Monday mooers! Welcome back to our weekly series, the WeeklyTop5Stocks, where we review the news and performance of the most popular stocks on Moomoo platform last week.Drool
          It's Thanksgiving week, what are you thankful for? We have launched the topic Thanksgiving: For good things happened on moomoo.
          Although it was a tough 2020, we are still more than grateful to all mooers who keep supporting us and building the moo family!Rose To show our...
          [WeeklyTop5Stocks] EV Market Keep Rising Againest Bear Raids
          [WeeklyTop5Stocks] EV Market Keep Rising Againest Bear Raids
          [WeeklyTop5Stocks] EV Market Keep Rising Againest Bear Raids