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        Investing 101PrivateID: 102493479
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          It's been a short week, and the indices have once again made their way into a crucial supply zone.
          Now, this zone is stacked with supply, and breaking through it is going to be the key focus.
          Over the past few weeks, we've witnessed a spike in realized volatility, while the VIX has taken a nosedive into the abyss. What does this mean for us?
          Well, it's created a unique situation where puts are unbelievably cheap, with options sitting in the 5th percentile range. To put it simply, puts have bee...
          We kicked off the week with a Muted Monday, only to experience a surprising surge in the CPI later on – a move even I didn't see coming!
          As we now find ourselves approaching a critical resistance point on the SPX, the market has taken a breather, consolidating throughout the rest of the week. This intriguing scenario is shaping up a potential island reversal pattern, and our indicators are signaling the potential for another significant move.
          Now, with OpEx behind us, the big question is: Which...
          2 weeks of constant rally. When I told the guys we were about to get an aggressive rally on 27th October, it wasnt an understatement. We indeed had a huge move up without any pullbacks.
          We started with a full week of consolidation, only to cap it off with a massive Friday rally that had everyone talking. Now, if you've been keeping an eye on those charts, you might be thinking, 'Whoa, things are looking a bit overbought!' And you're not wrong!
          We've been on this incredible rally for two straight...
          This will be the last video for the week before I head off for a 2 week vacation!
          Markets are about to set up some traps! Both up and down!
          Be sure to watch the video to find out more!
          Explained some macro issues that the market is facing currently and why it isnt a beautiful picture for both bulls/bears alike as this will actually affect everyone's daily lives.
          My guys will be receiving the usual updates daily as per normal so if you have not joined us yet, what are you waiting for?!
          As al...
          September closed with a bearish monthly candle! What we expected after we saw august's hanging man candle. Hence last week was a easy trade!
          October, new month, new start. What to expect early month? One of the seasonally bearish months!
          We expect a pump coming early oct thanks to Volatility crunch due to over-vixing in the past 1 week over shutdown fears. Its going to be a nothingburger and when it resolves as usual, VIX gets crushed and index rallies.
          Watch the Video to know more! If you have ...
          Investing 101 commented on
          Did not do a video last week but im back again for the most important week of the month again! Quad witching week. This week again I have shown the flows of dealers/market makers going into friday's quad witching!
          Be sure to watch the video so you know what to expect and what they will be doing so you dont be the one trying to fight the market's biggest player.
          We will be getting 2 more key inflation data for the last time before FOMC rate hike decision. So all eyes will be on wednesday and thu...
          Didnt do a video last week but as mentioned flows have changed for OpEx. We dumped on OpEx and started recovering after OpEx when markets were unpinned from dealer flows. We got that short bounce and now question is do we go lower?!
          Watch the video to find out what to spot for the expected direction of Q4. We are ending Q3 and macro is turning from bad to worst.
          Technicals are also not really on the bulls side and they have this week to save it. Otherwise it all rolls over.
          But for us, we will ...
          Investing 101 commented on
          2nd week follow through on the downside! OpEx week again!
          Another tricky week with FOMC mins on wednesday!
          2 weeks ago we spotted the reversal pattern. Last week it was confirmed. This week it followed through. We have more to go! But before we head lower for next leg, a relief rally should be in the making!
          Watch the video and find out what to expect and also options flow for this OpEx!
          As always, trade safe and invest wise!
          Subscribe to my YouTube channel for your weekly market outlook and te...
          Last week we talked about island reversal pattern spotted and how we are likely about to head down.
          This week it was spot on as we closed almost 3% down on $NASDAQ 100 Index(.NDX.US)$ and slightly over 2% on $S&P 500 Index(.SPX.US)$ . Fantastic week our guys! Nailed the top and bottoms.
          The pattern has been confirmed with $CBOE Volatility S&P 500 Index(.VIX.US)$ also doing that long awaited bounce since we spotted the bottoming process many weeks ago.
          VIX is oversold on monthly charts, weekly c...
          Didnt do any video last week due to some tweaking of my trading algorithm for my members. But now back with another video!
          This week we start month of august which is one of the seasonally most bearish months. Do we start the reversal here?
          job reports data coming out this week back to back! Going to be volatile! How are the dealers positioned?
          How are institutions positioned? And how are retail traders positioned? Watch the video to find out more!
          As always, trade safe and invest wise!