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    Column12.16 Closing comment; the market is at a new low again, what should I do?

    Hello everyone, I'm Lao Li
    There is no market that only rises and does not fall, and there is no market that only falls but does not rise. The higher you jump, the more pain you will fall, and the deeper you squat, the higher and farther you will jump in the future.
    Although today the market has set new lows again, this new low can be used as a starting point for the mid-term market. Because the pessimism is released more thoroughly, from the perspective of transaction volume, the market looks like funds will enter the market after the index is at a new low. If the market goes out of a big positive tomorrow, this will further stimulate the accelerated entry of incremental funds. .
    It has a mitigating effect on the short-term liquidity of the market.
    $Hang Seng Index(800000.HK)$ The Hang Seng Index rebounded again after a new low, and the short-term market wind has not changed. However, after the continuous decline in the market and the recovery of the external market, there is not much room for the index to fall, but the probability of a substantial rebound in the short-term is also not large. Yes, wait for the low position to converge and choose the main direction. At the technical level, the Hang Seng Index continues to remain in the downward channel, supporting 23,000 within the day, and 24,300 above pressure waiting for the direction to be selected.
    $BYD COMPANY(01211.HK)$ BYD has completely reproduced Tesla’s trend of low and high. It should be noted that the valuation is too high in the short term. Secondly, although the industry’s prosperity does not change, the growth rate of performance affects the adjustment of valuation, and with the upstream The rise in prices squeezes downstream profits, and near the end of the year, there is indeed the possibility of high-low switching. The current price is high, waiting for the adjustment to end. If the intraday support 240 breaks to open up the downward space, the upward rebound pressure 280 is an upward trend line pressure. , Wait for the adjustment to be over.
    $SMIC(00981.HK)$ SMIC continues to fall today, and still maintains yesterday's view. This decline was not caused by bad news, and the sentiment fell. Kdj diverged directly upwards, which is expected to form a golden fork to drive the stock price to usher in an anti-truck. The more and more carefully this location becomes a golden pit.
    $PING AN(02318.HK)$  China Ping An continues to consolidate. It can be seen that China Ping An has obvious signs of strengthening recently, and does not follow the index fluctuations. After the negatives are exhausted, it is expected to correct the decline during the year. The daily support is mainly 55 bargain hunting, and the top is stable and 63 opens. Rebound space.
    $TENCENT(00700.HK)$  Tencent continued its downward trend and tested the previous lows again in the short term. The current stock price remains fluctuating at the bottom edge of the box. However, it can be seen that the volatility of Alibaba $BABA-SW(09988.HK)$ ,  $Meituan-W(03690.HK)$ , and  $XIAOMI-W(01810.HK)$ has declined recently, and the fundamentals have been exhausted.
    China's concept stocks are now on the left, and the odds on the left are enough, but it takes time to stabilize and move up, and try to buy as low as possible.
    12.16 Closing comment; the market is at a new low again, what should I do?
    12.16 Closing comment; the market is at a new low again, what should I do?
    12.16 Closing comment; the market is at a new low again, what should I do?
    $NIO Inc(NIO.US)$ 简直生不如死。。。这个蔚来还有未来吗?

    Column12.13 Daily Review: Rush up and down, what to do?

    Hello everyone, I'm Old Lee
    The morning market was stimulated by the economic meeting minutes of the weekend's optimistic expectations, and the high expectations directly stimulated the Hang Seng market to open higher for a while, and the Shanghai Composite Index also rushed through 3700 points at one point.
    That's what I often call the expected force. Because the market is never a barometer of the economy, but a barometer of expectations.
    Today, the Hang Seng Index rushed higher and encountered pressure to fall, but the big rebound trend did not end, but the current rebound is a rebound after the new low, because the amount of energy is insufficient and needs to be confirmed.
    But now the fundamental environment is improving, coupled with this year's decline is relatively large, so the correction expectation here is much greater than the probability of continuing to fall, so today's friends who chase high do not have to worry too much,
    Technically, the daily line is subject to the pressure of the central axis of the descending channel, and there is a possibility of retracement if it cannot be broken in the short term, but the large structure is still in the rebound cycle, and the lower support 23800 can be sucked low, waiting to stand above the 24300 pressure and open up a new rebound space
    Individual stocks
    $TENCENT(00700.HK)$ Tencent and the  $Meituan-W(03690.HK)$ US group continue to rebound, short-term rush up and down, but the overall rebound structure is still there, waiting for the Hang Seng Index to start the resonance rise after the second rebound, the current two stocks are on the left side, mainly low suction, Tencent uplink channel 460 support, MEG below the support near 238, the shock market do not chase up.
    $BYD COMPANY(01211.HK)$  BYD has recently been a weak shock, for it or to maintain the previous view, short-term capital differentiation is more serious, need to pay attention to 280 this uptrend line and downtrend line watershed, if it falls below the short-term head space, there is a need to accelerate the adjustment.
    $PING AN(02318.HK)$  Ping An's current rebound strength is still not strong, it is difficult to get out of this low area at present, but from the inside of the plate, there are signs of strengthening, and Huaxia Happiness has recently been stronger, if the profit is empty, Ping An will immediately rebound upwards to repair the decline, and the odds are very high, the technical support 55 is not broken is still seen, if it falls below the previous low near 50, bold low suck waiting for fundamental changes.
    $CITIC(06030.HK)$ CITIC Securities rushed up and down today, belongs to the short-term AH linkage appeared to fall short-term bulls profits, but the general direction still exists the possibility of continuing to rise, the fundamental listing belongs to the registration system of good brokers, and the year's rise is not large, short-term can wait to step back near 20 low suction mainly, after all, the moving average deviation is relatively high, the next look at the 22 this mark, if the breakthrough, a new round of rise is about to begin.
    12.13 Daily Review: Rush up and down, what to do?
    12.13 Daily Review: Rush up and down, what to do?
    12.13 Daily Review: Rush up and down, what to do?