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    Name-Changing Survey: Become the Content Producers of the New Account!

    Recently, metaverse has become the hottest topic to which mooers are paying close attention.Cool Guy Standing on the cusp of virtual social networking, social media giant Facebook has changed its name to lead the latest trend. $Meta Platforms(FB.US)$ Events are happening every day in moomoo. Which trends are mooers riding?Thinking Face
    To embrace the new trend, @moomoo Academy is changing its name. We are still committed to sharing the most advanced investment ideas and knowledge, launching activities to gather your views, and posting the outstanding ones in the account for all of you. Here is where mooers' wisdom is accumulated, and gamification strategies are adopted to make teaching more engaging!
    Let's get together to brainstorm and choose a new trending name for @moomoo Academy. Here, we have three proposals:
    1. Meta Moo
    Learning is like playing a game where you work hard to defeat the monsters to get to the higher levels. Intuition developed from the past investing experience becomes a vital part of an investor's toolkit. Immerse yourself in moomoo and explore the virtual gamification elements of social interaction.
    2. moomoo Idea
    Collect every idea you have when you are investing, and finally, construct your unique investment logic. Here, we are presenting the investment insights shared by you, our dear friends.
    3. mooers Strategy
    Share your investment strategies and experiences with all mooers so that beginners can learn from the experienced and mooers can interact with their counterparts. You are improving as you are communicating.
    Hunting moment! Cast your precious vote in the name-changing survey of @moomoo Academy.
    We are calling on mooers to be part of the name changing event and become the content producers of the new account. Name changing is so cool, and we want you to be part of it. Please remember that all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.Blowing Kisses
    If you have a better name, please leave it in the comment below!Grin

    ColumnIPO-pedia | Yogurt giant Chobani plans for US IPO

    US yogurt brandChobani filed on November 17th with the SEC. It plans to list on the Nasdaq under the symbol CHO.
    According to Renaissance Capital's estimation, the company could raise up to $1.5 billion. The joint bookrunners on the deal includes Goldman Sachs, BofA Securities, J.P. Morgan, Barclays,etc.
    In July, the company confidentially filed for an IPO, and Reuters reported its valuation could exceed $10 billion.
    Business Overview
    Chobani, founded in 2005, is a leading Greek yogurt brand in the US. Since 2007, it has maintained its position as the #1 Greek yogurt brand. It also provides a portfolio of high-quality yogurt products.
    Chobani's products come in single-serve, multi-serve, and/or multi-pack formats through approximately 95,000 retail locations in the US. Its key customers include Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Amazon, Target, Kroger, Publix, Costco and Safeway/Albertsons. It also sells its products to various other national and regional retailers and has an international presence.
    Chobani values innovation. Its trusted brand and expertise in the food value chain also helps it convert into new high-growth categories,including oat milk, coffee creamer, ready-to-drink coffee and plant-based probiotic beverage lines.
    The U.S. oat milk market has experienced explosive growth in recent years and is the fastest growing segment within plant-based milk. In the 52 weeks ended October 16, 2021, it was a $376 million category, growing 79.6% year-over-year.
    Chobani Oat entered the oat milk market in December 2019 and has grown to 15.1% of total Nielsen reported U.S. market share for the 13 weeks ended October 16, 2021, gaining share more quickly than it did in the yogurt category.
    For the 13 weeks ended October 16, 2021, total Nielsen reported sales of Chobani Oat have grown 68% year-over year, ahead of the category and several incumbents.
    Chobani's in-house production capabilities across its three plants with 1,900 dedicated people. It has a manufacturing facility in New Berlin, New York, a state-of-the-art multi-platform factory in Twin Falls, Idaho, and an additional facility in Melbourne, Australia.
    It plans to add capacity to the Twin Falls, Idaho facility for yogurt, oat milk, creamer and coffee products due to increased demand for the products.
    Financial Performance
    Chobani's revenue grew 5.2% to $1.4 billion from 2019 to 2020. However, its net loss reached $58.7 million, as it invested back into its business.
    For the nine months ended September 25, 2021, it generated net sales, net loss and Adjusted EBITDA of approximately $1,213.0 million, $24.0 million and $142.2 million, respectively.
    It achieved year-over-year net sales growth of 13.8%, Adjusted EBITDA decrease of 6.2% and an increase in net loss of 12.1%.
    Click to view the prospectus
    IPO-pedia | Yogurt giant Chobani plans for US IPO
    IPO-pedia | Yogurt giant Chobani plans for US IPO
    IPO-pedia | Yogurt giant Chobani plans for US IPO

    ColumnMost active stock options for Nov 19: Nvidia or Apple: Which one to buy?

    Previous Hightlight
    $Apple(AAPL.US)$ Wedbush analyst Dan Ives weighs in on today's news from Bloomberg that Apple is accelerating its car ambitions and putting the development of an autonomous vehicle on track for a 2025 launch.
    $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ NVIDIA shares were up almost 9% on Thursday after the chipmaker released better than expected fiscal Q3 earnings and a flurry of price target hikes.
    $Ford Motor(F.US)$ Ford plans to increase its production capacity of electric vehicles to 600,000 units globally by 2023, according to CEO Jim Farley.
    $Palantir(PLTR.US)$ has been a frustrating stock to trade despite remaining wildly popular with retail traders on various subreddits including r/WallStreetBets. The most recent steep sell-off began on Nov. 9 when Palantir printed a third-quarter revenue beat and received a bearish reaction.
    $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$ MediaTek and AMD today announced a collaboration to co-engineer industry leading Wi-Fi® solutions, starting with the AMD RZ600 Series Wi-Fi 6E modules containing MediaTek's new Filogic 330P chipset.
    How to read the chart
    · The chart shows stocks with the most option activities of the previous trading day.
    · Put/Call ratio >0.7 means more the stock attract more bears than bulls. ToastedToastedToastedPut/Call ratio<0.7 means the stock attract more bulls than bears.TrickTrickTrick
    · Option volume indicates the shares of contracts traded for the day.
    · Open interest indicates the total number of option contracts that are currently open – that means they are not yet exercised or offset.TongueTongueTongue
    Want to know more info on trending option?
    This function could be found by selecting "Quotes – Markets – Option". You would need access to "option real-time quotes" to access this function.
    Explore the world of option trading with: Intro to options.
    Improve your option trading knowledge: Key elements on the table
    Are you more interested in Nvidia or Apple stock?
    Most active stock options for Nov 19: Nvidia or Apple: Which one to buy?
    Most active stock options for Nov 19: Nvidia or Apple: Which one to buy?
    Most active stock options for Nov 19: Nvidia or Apple: Which one to buy?
    $Dogecoin(DOGE.CC)$ buy the dip then stay at home and watch netflix. Grin

    Looking good $DAO

    check it out. Earnings tomorrow
    Looking good $DAOExpand
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    ColumnPick Your Favorite Products to Launch Them in Rewards Club!

    Blowing KissesHi, mooers!We plan to launch a couple of new products in Rewards Club in the forthcoming 2022!
    After careful selections, we picked the following 20 from the dazzling lists of products.
    AwesomePick your favorite ones and comment below with the serial number of them. You may find them in Rewards Club next year!
    1. Power Bank
    2. Mouse&Keyboard
    3. Hand Warmer
    4. USB Cable
    5. Weighting Scale
    6.Car lumbar pillow
    7.canvas Tote Bag
    9.Coin Purse
    10.Face mask
    11. Travel Teapot Set
    12. Hat
    13. Gym Towel
    14. Coaster
    15. Pen holder
    16. Business Card Holder
    17. Scissors
    18. Long Throw Pillow
    19. Desk Calendar
    20. Stationery Set (USB Flash Drive, Pen & Notebook)
    Good MorningIf you would like to share products that are not mentioned above, please comment below to let us know. 
    Pick Your Favorite Products to Launch Them in Rewards Club!
    Pick Your Favorite Products to Launch Them in Rewards Club!
    Pick Your Favorite Products to Launch Them in Rewards Club!

    ColumnUS consumer sentiment hits 10-year low with inflation fears surging

    US consumer sentiment has weakened to its lowest level in a decade, reflecting Americans’concerns US consumer sentiment has weakened to its lowest level in a decade, reflecting Americans’ concerns about rising prices and a belief that the Biden administration has failed to address the surge in inflation.
    The University of Michigan's consumer sentiment indexslipped to 66.8 in November, according to a survey published on Friday. That was down from 71.7 in October and well below economists’ forecast for a stronger reading of 72.4.
    The drop-off in consumer sentiment came alongside fresh evidence that the nationwide worker shortage is becoming more pronounced as the number of people quitting their jobs reached new heights. Data released on Friday showed a record 4.4m Americans quit their jobs in September while the number of job openings remained near a record high.
    Source: Financial Times
    US consumer sentiment hits 10-year low with inflation fears surging

    ColumnCatch the EV wave: EV ETFs gear up for new flows from infrastructure bill

    Exchange-traded funds focused on electric vehicles could catch some momentum from the massive infrastructure bill Congress passed on last Friday, which contains billions in new spending for the industry.
    DollarDollarThe roughly $1 trillion package allocates $7.5 billion to build out a network of EV chargers and another $7.5 billion for low or zero-emission buses and ferries.DollarDollar
    Electric-vehicle ETFs have done well this year, taking in twice the amount of investor flows than they did in 2020. But interest seems to be waning suddenly. A basket of electric car and battery funds have seen net outflows of $25.8 million in November.
    - according to Bloomberg Intelligence.
    That recent trend could reverse due to the infrastructure package, as it focuses on developing the EV ecosystem, according to Todd Rosenbluth, head of ETF and mutual fund research at CFRA. He's eyeing both the$Global X Autonomous & Electric Vehicles ETF(DRIV.US)$and$Ishares Self-Driving Ev And Tech Etf(IDRV.US)$.
    “The funds own not just automakers like$Ford Motor(F.US)$, $Toyota Motor(TM.US)$ and $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ but also technology and communications services companies that are part of the supply chain as well materials companies making lithium.”
    - Todd Rosenbluth wrote in an email.
    BeckonFOLLOW ME to know more about ETFs
    PLZ leave your comments and likes belowHeart
    The EV sector got a big jolt in late October when $Hertz Global Holdings, Inc.(HTZZ.US)$ announced an order of 100,000 Tesla vehicles, which drove the Tesla's market valuation past $1 trillion. Electric truck maker $Rivian Automotive(RIVN.US)$'s valuation passed $100 billionon second day of trading. When $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ went public 11 years ago its market value was less than $2 billion, showing just how far ambitions for electric-vehicle companies have come.
    To learn more about these ETFs on moomoo appSmartSmart:
    Did you buy Rivian? Do you prefer EV ETFs or EV stocks?
    Source: Bloomberg
    Catch the EV wave: EV ETFs gear up for new flows from infrastructure bill
    Catch the EV wave: EV ETFs gear up for new flows from infrastructure bill
    Catch the EV wave: EV ETFs gear up for new flows from infrastructure bill