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          ColumnsFun emoji quiz | Guess 3 Singapore stocks to win 888 points

          Do you use emoji in your daily life? TrickTrickEverything can be expressed with emoji, and any number of emoji can form countless complex puzzles.
          You only need to decipher each string of permutations and combinations to get the hidden information!Cool
          Guessing stocks by emoji is a fun and simple quiz! You need to guess the Singapore stocks or SREITs it represents based on the emoji combination!
          For example, 📞📱📶📡🌍may represent $Singtel(Z74.SG)$, ...
          Fun emoji quiz | Guess 3 Singapore stocks to win 888 points
          Fun emoji quiz | Guess 3 Singapore stocks to win 888 points
          Fun emoji quiz | Guess 3 Singapore stocks to win 888 points

          Columns3 S-REITs announced acquisitions to increase DPU

          Our retirement can be supported by a stream of passive income from REITs, and these distributions may even increase over time.
          The three major strategies used by REITs to increase their distribution per unit (DPU) are as follows:
          1. acquisitions that can increase their asset base and DPU
          2.  organic and involve positive rental reversions
          3. the use of asset enhancement initiatives (AEI) to attract higher rental income
          There are 3 S-REITs announce...
          3 S-REITs announced acquisitions to increase DPU
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          Number one goes with moomoo.

          Plan to join moomoo to earn the first bucket of gold in my life!My investment growth journey in 2021
          As a result, the plan could not keep up with the change, and the money was tied up a lot instead of making money.HurtHurtHurt
          Fortunately, moomoo is not only a simple trading software, multi-functional plus a variety of information sharing. It can be said that I learned all my knowledge of stock investment here.
          I was lucky to meet moomoo.
          I'm slowly getting better, with moomo!
          The good times in moomoo
          I got some exclusive souvenirs through community activities and points exchange. I hope to collect more souvenirs. I'd better collect all the souvenirs.Cool GuyCool GuyCool Guy
          If all the memes can be made into stickers, I think it will be the best-selling product in the store!DroolDroolDrool
          Moomoo is always my only choice.JoyfulJoyfulJoyful
          Number one goes with moomoo.
          Number one goes with moomoo.
          Number one goes with moomoo.

          Why are data centre REITs falling

          Data centres were hot in the past few years as investors bet on the increasing cloud and data demand in the tech era. Very few investors believe that the bet will go wrong simply basing on the premise that 'this is the future'.
          Well. Things went south after the Covid boom for data centre REITs.
          Keppel DC REIT (AJBU)  $Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SG)$ share price peaked around the second half of 2020 with a price of $3.04 and thereafter it gradually fell to $1.97 in Ju...

          VIX Technicals

          Almost everybody saw the bear market coming and a lot of them are still calling for a recession. There are ways to beat the bear market. You an go with negative leveraged shares. You can go to safe havens. Or you can follow the VIX. You can invest in the Volatility Index as it usually goes up during a market downturn in a recession. You can also use the Index to judge when a potential market crash will happen during a recession. It can also signal if a recession fears are receding....
          VIX Technicals
          VIX Technicals
          VIX Technicals

          Why NIO chose to re-launch in Singapore

          Why NIO choose to list on the SGX?
          Advantages of a Singapore listing
          1. Shorter time and higher success rate for Singapore listing compared to domestic listing
          Listing on the Main Board of Mainland China generally takes 2 to 3 years, in contrast, Chinese companies listing in Singapore can generally achieve listing and trading within 1 year due to the relatively simple listing process and shorter preparation time for eligible proposed listings.
          2. High fl...
          Why NIO chose to re-launch in Singapore

          Weekly Buzz: Who took the ride of the turbulent U.S. stock market?

          At the end of this post, there is a chance for you to win points!
          Happy Monday, mooers! Welcome back to Weekly Buzz, where we review the news, performance, and community sentiment of the selected buzzing stocks on moomoo platform based on search and message volumes of last week! (Nano caps are excluded.)
          Part Ⅰ: Make Your Choices
          Part Ⅱ: Buzzing Stocks List & Mooers Comments
          Three major indexs moved upward, Russell 2000...
          Weekly Buzz: Who took the ride of the turbulent U.S. stock market?
          Weekly Buzz: Who took the ride of the turbulent U.S. stock market?
          Weekly Buzz: Who took the ride of the turbulent U.S. stock market?

          ColumnsChina regulatory clampdown is a feature and not a bug

          1. China's regulatory clampdown has left investors bewildered and shocked. Most foreign investors have never experienced such extensive government intervention in other markets before.
          2. It has been the way how China operated as they have regulated several industries in the past 20 years and this time isn't any different.
          3. For example, some of you might remember the 2008 melamine milk scandal. 21 companies were tainted with excessive melamine including Mengniu and Yili, two largest dairy companies in China today. China government regulated the industry and punished a group of perpetrators to death and imprisonment. Thereafter the industry was cleaned up and you don't hear such problems anymore.  $MENGNIU DAIRY(02319.HK)$  share price went up 10x since 2008 while  $Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group(600887.SH)$ went up 40x. China didn't destroy the companies nor nationalise them.
          4. I was involved as an investor in the next example. It was during 2016 where China was clamping down on corruption. If some of you can recall, China was very well known for corruption in the past. Now less so. The government arrested many top officials for graft and demand for luxury goods such as  $Kweichow Moutai(600519.SH)$  declined - few want to be accused of graft when they buy such items.
          5.  $ORIENTAL WATCH(00398.HK)$ is a luxury watch retailer with majority of the sales coming from China. It got hit because of the anti-corruption drive. I bought the stock at the low and the business and share price recovered after the drive ended. I eventually sold for a 1.5x return. Today, it is up 5x from the price I bought.
          6. I was involved in the third example too. In 2019, China regulated the pharmaceutical industry. They introduced a two-invoice policy to reduce the middleman distributors to just two for any drug. China was plagued with rising drug costs which the man on the street could face affordability issues. The key problem was the unnecessary middlemen who marked up the costs. This policy sent the pharma stock prices down.
          7. One of which was  $CMS(00867.HK)$  I picked the stock up as the impact wasn't that big to them since they were a key distributor even under the new system. The share price recovered but I sold for a 34% gain because there was a short seller report that came up. Just wanted to err on the safe side. The company is still around today though and the stock went up as much as 2x from the price I bought at one point in time.
          8. There were even more industries in which China had regulated in the past but I showed three examples here. Investors can in fact take advantage of these regulations as opportunities to buy stocks on the cheap.
          9. Most investment literature is written by the west who operate in a system different from China. We cannot just adopt the same worldview and apply it to China. China is China. If you use other worldview to see China, you will only see what's wrong with it.
          10. China is a central planning country and the government has a lot of power. This is unlike the US where legislative, executive and judicial powers are separated. Regulations are more effective in China than in the US (where they deliberate for months and still can end up in a stalemate). The features are cannot be more different.
          11. The Chinese has a paternalistic culture where the father is the head of the household and is responsible for disciplining (子不教父子过). This is reflective of how the China government behave too. They see themselves as the head of the country and it is their responsibility to discipline anyone whose actions are deemed as harmful to the society.
          12. People don't care about China in the past. But now they are too big to be ignored and they bring a culture that the world may not be accustomed to. Some of the rules will be rewritten inadvertently too.

          ColumnsHappy new year, mooers!

          Hey mooers,
          May the joy and happiness around you today and always. DroolDroolDrool
          We wish you all a happy new year! PartyPartyParty
          From moomoo news team members Wave Melody Ander Danilo Julianna Roy Mia Jared Phoebe Somer Corrine and Charlie.
          Happy new year, mooers!
          $Micron Technology(MU.US)$ Micron shares moved higher. The memory chip maker reported much better-than-expected earnings last quarter and gave bullish guidance. The company forecast earnings of $1.95, plus or minus 10 cents, for the period, above the consensus analyst estimate of $1.84.
          Other chipmakers like $KLA Corp(KLAC.US)$ and $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ were generally higher.