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    $CROSSTEC Group(03893.HK)$ wtf cny red packet
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    Free Stocks Giveaways! Make a 2022 Wishlist and Leave the Rest to Santa Moo!

    The sudden outbreak of the Omicron variant has turned the world into chaos. Almost without anyone noticing, 2021 is quietly coming to an end. 
    In the past year, we've been through a lot, good and bad. Biden was elected president of the United States, and Merkel stepped down. The postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games were finally held this year. 2021 also marks the 20th anniversary of "9·11"... Elon Musk surpassed Bezos twice to become the wealthiest person on this planet. S&P 500 hit the record-high earlier this year. And as we've put it before, Omicron – a variant of COVID-19 – suddenly broke out...
    What a year! For every moment, we are all witnessing history. In fact, we ourselves become part of history. Perhaps a quote can somehow describe how we feel at this moment, "There is only one kind of heroism in the world, that is, after recognizing the essence of life, you still love it." Cheers to all! 
    Likewise, it is also a remarkable year for moomoo. Having brought a bundle of new blockbuster features to mooers (e.g., Bracket Order, Multiple Exchanges Data of LV2 Quotes for US Stock, Star Institution, etc.), moomoo will continue to polish our products and listen to feedback from users. Click here to view Features of the Year 2021. Moomoo has taken quite a step forward in the past year, yet we still value your voice. As Christmas is approaching, now we've got Santa moo in the town! Yessss! We sincerely invite all mooers to join us, make #My Christmas Wishlist for 2022 together, and just leave the rest to Santa moo! SlyBeckonSmirk
    Yeah!What is the moomoo Christmas Wishlist for?
    Christmas Wishlist is our tradition to celebrate Christmas and make good wishes together for the upcoming new year. It's an excellent opportunity for us to listen to our mooers and continue to improve ourselves to become the intuitive and powerful investing platform for all. At this moment, any constructive ideas are warmly welcome!  
    Let Me SeeWhat's on your Christmas Wishlist for 2022?
    Don't hesitate to tell us what NEW FEATURES or SERVICES you want the most from moomoo and how we can improve in the future. The reasons and details of your wishes are highly appreciated. They are vital for us to understand the needs of our mooers better. Our team will deliver new features and services accordingly by considering what mooers need and want the most in the upcoming 2022. 
    You can like the wishlists posted by other mooers to support them as well.
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    Based on the number of LIKEs. Each of the 20 most liked posts will be given 1 free stock (value: $5 – $50).
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    Based on selection. We will select 10 constructive ideas about new features or services, then reward each with 1 moomoo Exclusive Merchandise.
    3. POINTS!!! PartyPartyParty
    The rest of the participants will be rewarded with 100 points.
    *Only those who wrote a minimum of 20 words and added the topic #My Christmas Wishlist for 2022 to their posts are eligible for our rewards. Please post relevant content under the topic.
    Keep FightingDuration:
    Now - 23:59 Dec. 31st (ET)
    The winning lists will be announced on Jan. 12th, 2022.
    1. If some of you come up with the same idea, we will count the first one. First come, first served.
    2. Reward 1 and 2 are not exclusive to each other. You can win both!
    3. Write your original ideas: Plagiarism or cheating is not acceptable in any activities of Moo. Please "report" the suspicious posts if you find any. Once confirmed, the user committed shall be disqualified from the activities.
    So, what's your wish for 2022?
    Free Stocks Giveaways! Make a 2022 Wishlist and Leave the Rest to Santa Moo!
    Free Stocks Giveaways! Make a 2022 Wishlist and Leave the Rest to Santa Moo!
    Free Stocks Giveaways! Make a 2022 Wishlist and Leave the Rest to Santa Moo!
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    $CROSSTEC Group(03893.HK)$
    Also, there is a high possibility that there is a syndicate impersonating Beckie and the other guys to gain trust in the social media channels like telegram and WhatsApp.
    (Beckie has a YouTube channel since 2017 and has been saying that she does not recommend stocks. Beckie is residing in Canada. The impersonators have commonly used +60 numbers from Malaysia.
    Ernest P. Chan stated in his twitter @chanep that there is someone pretending to be him giving stock tips in telegram.)
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    $UOB APAC Green REIT ETF(GRN.SG)$ may I know what’s the difference between subscribing on moo moo vs through internet banking?
    If the metaverse is going to happen, it’s going to need a lot of computing power and that means semiconductors. This is why Meta announced a partnership with $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$ earlier this month to create a new high-performance and power-efficient processor called EPYC. But there are a lot of companies at the center of the metaverse like semiconductor maker $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ , which provides processing for servers, databases, cryptocurrency processing, and so forth. However, Nvidia announced earlier this month that its Omniverse platform will help users connect and create in 3D worlds.

    Options to Predict Future Movements

    The options activity is a good way to gauge the way the stock is going to go late in the week. Try to check them on Mondays and Thursdays to compare them to see if any more strikes have been added. When more strikes are added especially at the .50/half dollar strikes then the stock will decrease in value unless it can get double its average volume Thursday and Friday of that week. Also keep an eye on Implied volatility. As it decreases so will the price. Increasing means the demand is high. Watch for unusual options being used to cover other unusual options as a hedge also. ...

    Positive Morale Booster

    $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$
    I know many are worried and wonder why shills arent getting punished or whatever. Yes, there is market manipulation, those who have done DD and have taken the time to research you will understand this.
    To MrTricky, Hedgefunder,  Dr Mobile:
    Even Warren Buffett, Cathy Woods and other successful investors do not flex their portfolio or talk bad about other stocks. Who the hell gave you the rights to do this to AMC or other stocks? Back your words with evidence, analysis and actual showing of your words. If you have the ability of being a prophet, you wont be in the stock market but sipping away and on vacation all day round, no time to spread negativity....