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AI chip giants gather at Computex 2024: Will it bring new opportunities?
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What Are AI PC Stocks? An Analysis of the Current State of AI PCs (NVDA, AMD, Intel)

What Are AI PC Stocks? An Analysis of the Current State of AI PCs (NVDA, AMD, Intel)
I. What is AI PC?
The definition of AI PC in the current market remains unclear. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, and generative AI primarily learns through databases continuously. Nowadays, manufacturers are also incorporating this technology into PCs, known as AI PCs, to enhance chip performance. Currently, we rely on cloud platforms to execute computations for generative AI like ChatGPT, but with AI PCs, users can perform AI computations directly on the device without relying on the cloud.
Furthermore, David Feng, Vice President of Intel's Client Computing Group, previously stated in an interview that Intel is collaborating with Microsoft to jointly define AI PCs.
The concept of AI PC encompasses 3 key elements:
1. Built-in Neural Processing Unit (NPU) paired with a Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
2. The ability to run Microsoft's AI chatbot Copilot.
3. A dedicated "Copilot key" on the keyboard, a design gradually adopted in Windows 11 laptops.
In terms of computational power, Microsoft suggests that the NPU should have at least 40 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second) or more. For offline Copilot models, the computational power should reach 45 TOPS or above. Memory capacity should be at least 16GB, storage capacity at least 256GB, and battery life is also a requirement.
II. Uses of AI PCs?
During a keynote speech in June, NVIDIA's CEO announced the launch of the new NVIDIA RTX™ technology to support AI assistants and digital avatars running on new GeForce RTX™ AI laptops. This enables a realistic AI assistant experience on AI PCs, already adopted by companies in the gaming, healthcare, and other fields such as Dell Technologies, ServiceNow, Aww Inc., Inventec, and Perfect World Games. ASUS and MSI's latest AI OC/NB products have also integrated related technologies.
At COMPUTEX 2024, AMD's CEO followed NVIDIA's keynote with the announcement of multiple new products, including Zen 5 and the 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen AI. Major computer manufacturers like ASUS, Acer, HP, Dell, and Lenovo were present to support AMD. AMD stated that the 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen AI has been adopted by multiple manufacturers, with an estimated 100+ AI PC products to hit the market.
"AI PCs will be the main protagonist of the next year. We estimate that there will be 100 million units by 2025!" Intel's CEO Pat Gelsinger officially announced the arrival of the AI PC era at the "AI Everywhere" event in December last year. Led by Intel, major brands have launched new AI laptops, and the industry is optimistic about the performance of the PC industry in the future. Four major Taiwanese PC brands - Acer (ACER), ASUS, MSI, and AORUS - are preparing to launch AI PC products this year, aiming to capture a significant market share.
What Are AI PC Stocks? An Analysis of the Current State of AI PCs (NVDA, AMD, Intel)
Understanding the tech giants' outlook on AI PCs and examining the potential demand for AI PCs in the future, data indicates that global shipments of AI PCs are expected to reach 48 million units in 2024, accounting for 18% of total PC shipments. In 2025, shipments are anticipated to exceed 100 million units, representing 40% of the total. By 2028, shipments are estimated to reach 205 million units, comprising 80% of the total. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2024 to 2028 is forecasted to be 44%. Clearly, the significance of AI PCs is growing increasingly prominent.
III. What Are AI PC Stocks?
- Chip Design: $Intel(INTC.US)$/ $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$/ $Qualcomm(QCOM.US)$/ $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$/ MediaTek (2454) Nvidia's Partnership
- Semiconductor Manufacturing: $Taiwan Semiconductor(TSM.US)$
- Memory: $Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.(SSNLF.US)$/ $Micron Technology(MU.US)$/ SK Hynix/Winbond Electronics (2344)/ Nanya Technology (2408)
- High-Speed Transmission: Parade Technologies (4966)/ ASMedia Technology (5269)
- Packaging and Testing: ASE Group (3711)
- OEM Assembly: Quanta Computer (2382)/ Wistron (3231)/ Foxconn (2317)/ Compal Electronics (2324)/ Inventec (2356)/ Pegatron (4938)
- Power Supply: Delta Electronics (2308)/ Lite-On Technology (2301)
- Cooling: Asetek (3017)/ TwinMos (3324)
- ABF Substrates: Unimicron Technology (3037)/ Kinsus Interconnect Technology (3189)/ Nam Tai Electronics (8046)
- PC Brands: Acer (2353), ASUS (2357), Gigabyte Technology (2376), MSI (2377), $LENOVO GROUP LTD(LNVGY.US)$ , $HP Inc(HPQ.US)$ , $Dell Technologies(DELL.US)$
- Operating Systems: $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$
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