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Weekly Earnings Preview: Grab rewards by guessing the market winner!

Hi, mooers!
Need a quick update on this week's events? Check out moomoo's fresh earnings & economic calendars to start this week!
Weekly Earnings Preview: Grab rewards by guessing the market winner!
This week, various companies including $Carnival(CCL.US)$, $FedEx(FDX.US)$, $General Mills(GIS.US)$, $Micron Technology(MU.US)$ and $Nike(NKE.US)$ are releasing their earnings. How will the market react to the companies' results? Let's make a guess!
An equal share of 3,000 points: For mooers who correctly guess the stock who makes the biggest gains during the week (e.g., If 50 mooers make the correct guess, each of them will get 60 points!)
Exclusive 300 points: For the top comments on companies' earnings prospects under this post.
Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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  • 102362254 : My guess is $Micron Technology (MU.US)$ will likely end this week with the biggest percentage gain. Analysts expect strong performance driven by high demand for memory chips used in GPU-enabled artificial intelligence servers. Improved supply-demand conditions and higher prices for DRAM and NAND could further support Micron's earnings. But, challenges like soft consumer spending and trade tensions with China may partially offset gains.

  • mr_cashcow : Going with $FedEx (FDX.US)$ based on the consensus of the latest FedEx earnings report:

    ▶️Earnings per share (EPS) estimates: $5.34.
    ▶️Sales estimates: $22.12 billion.
    ▶️Quarterly earnings surprise: 10.60%.
    ▶️Zacks Rank: Hold (3 out of 5).
    ▶️Style Scores: Value (A), Growth (A), Momentum (A), VGM (A).
    ▶️Earnings ESP: +2.78%.
    ▶️Zacks Consensus Estimate: $4.99.
    ▶️Most Accurate Estimate: $5.13.

  • ZnWC : I guess $Micron Technology (MU.US)$ will hit the highest percentage gain after earnings this week.

    The stock may rally with the recent AI hype brought by Nvidia. According to, the company  revenue growth should accelerate again, up 78% to $6.66 billion. Long known as a provider of memory and flash storage for computers, Micron is seeing strong memory demand from cloud providers, which use high-bandwidth memory in AI data centers.

    Fast-Growing Micron Rides AI Wave To Big Profits -

  • Wonder : Riding on the AI wave, $Micron Technology (MU.US)$ could be a beneficiary of rising demand for its chips that power cloud and AI servers amid higher prices in the DRAM and NAND industry.

  • Jeffrey Penuel : im going out on a limb but Im saying FDX

  • Hase Investment King : $Micron Technology (MU.US)$  continues to demonstrate robust financial performance driven by strong demand for memory chips across various sectors, including data centers, smartphones, and automotive industries. Their strategic investments in advanced technologies and efficient manufacturing processes have positioned them well to capitalize on the growing market for memory and storage solutions. Analysts are optimistic about Micron's ability to maintain solid margins and profitability amid favorable market conditions, making it a promising investment opportunity in the semiconductor sector.

  • AnnYeo God of Money : $Micron Technology (MU.US)$ 's stock price has seen positive movements partly due to the increasing demand for memory and storage solutions driven by advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). Here are some specific ways AI contributes to Micron's stock performance:

    1. Demand for Memory and Storage: AI applications, including machine learning and data analytics, require significant amounts of memory and storage. As AI adoption grows, so does the demand for Micron's DRAM and NAND products.
    2. Data Centers and Cloud Computing: AI workloads are heavily dependent on data center infrastructure, which in turn drives demand for high-performance memory solutions. Micron benefits from this increased need for robust data center capabilities.
    3. Edge Computing and IoT: The rise of AI in edge computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) creates demand for memory and storage solutions that can handle AI tasks at the edge, where quick data processing and real-time decision-making are crucial.
    4. Technological Advancements: Micron's advancements in memory technology, such as higher capacity and faster speeds, align well with the needs of AI applications, making their products more attractive to companies building AI systems.
    5. Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with AI-focused companies and participation in AI ecosystems can enhance Micron's market position and contribute to investor confidence.

    Overall, the integration of AI across various industries creates sustained demand for Micron's products, which is reflected in its stock performance.

  • SneakyBear : Carnival Corporation (CCL) has the potential to end this week with significant percentage gains, and here's why:

    1. Post-Pandemic Travel Surge: As the world continues to recover from the pandemic, the travel and tourism sector is experiencing a robust rebound. Carnival, being one of the largest cruise operators globally, is poised to benefit immensely from this surge. The pent-up demand for travel, particularly cruising, is driving higher booking volumes and occupancy rates across Carnival's fleet.

    2. Cost Management and Debt Reduction: Carnival has been actively managing its costs and working on reducing its debt load, which swelled during the pandemic. The company’s efforts to streamline operations and optimize expenses are expected to positively impact its bottom line. Furthermore, a healthier balance sheet could improve investor confidence and drive stock performance.

    3. Positive Forward Guidance: The recent earnings reports and forward guidance from Carnival have been optimistic, highlighting expected improvements in occupancy rates and pricing. Management has indicated strong booking trends well into 2024, suggesting a sustained recovery trajectory. Positive guidance can often lead to bullish investor sentiment and upward momentum in stock prices.

    4. Market Sentiment and Seasonal Trends: With the summer travel season in full swing, there is typically a seasonal uptick in cruise bookings. Carnival is likely to benefit from this seasonal trend, with increased revenue from summer cruises. Additionally, recent market sentiment around travel and leisure stocks has been positive, which could further propel CCL’s stock price.

    Combining these factors, Carnival Corporation appears well-positioned to deliver strong earnings growth and potentially end the week with notable percentage gains. Investors looking for a rebound play in the travel sector might find CCL an attractive option.

  • SHASENI MJ tinesh : wi$USD/MYR (USDMYR.FX)$

  • Benny Loo : MU

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