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Upstream Palm Oil Giant JPG Goes Public! Share Your Thoughts on the IPO!

Hello moomoo users! We're excited to announce our first collaboration with Bursa Security, introducing online IPO applications for Malaysian stocks right on our platform – we now support online IPO applications 🎉 Follow Moomoo to get to know this listing company, JPG!
Who is JPG?
Johor Plantations Group is a leading upstream oil palm plantation company operating primarily in Johor. As of November 10, 2023, the group manages 23 plantations with a total land bank of 59,860 hectares, of which 55,982 hectares are planted with oil palms. This IPO aims to raise funds for expansion into downstream plantation operations, repayment of bank loans, and for working capital purposes. The group mentions in its prospectus, "While we are primarily involved in upstream oil palm operations, we are evaluating opportunities to venture into downstream markets, including refining businesses, to achieve product diversification. Through this diversification, we aim to enhance our position as a fully integrated palm oil producer and create additional revenue across the value chain."
Is investing in Malaysian IPOs a good opportunity?
Historically, the Malaysian IPO market has been on a steady rise. In 2023, the IPOs on average saw an increase of 62.4%, with seven stocks doubling from their IPO prices. However, not every IPO turns a profit – seven fell below their issue prices, though they accounted for less than a quarter of the total. Among the 18 companies listed by May 28, 2024, seven companies saw an increase of more than 30%, with four of them rising more than 50%, and only two companies broke the issue price with a fall of less than 10%. View more>
Upstream Palm Oil Giant JPG Goes Public! Share Your Thoughts on the IPO!
The Malaysian IPO market has been particularly vibrant since the beginning of 2024, with 19 companies having gone public by June 10th, spanning healthcare, agriculture, and technology. On their IPO day, these companies enjoyed an average initial surge of 8.75%, with six of them experiencing an increase of over 10%. Notably, two companies have seen their share prices soar by more than 50% on their debut on ACE Market, specifically Kawan Renergy at 55.00% and Farm Price at a remarkable 70.83%. View more>
Upstream Palm Oil Giant JPG Goes Public! Share Your Thoughts on the IPO!
💡 Reasons to choose Moomoo MY for IPO subscriptions:
1. No Fee: During the promotion period, there will be no subscription fee for participating in Malaysia IPO subscriptions.🎉
2. Easy to use
To participate in a Malaysia IPO subscription in the moomoo app, follow the steps below:
Method 1: Go to the Accounts tab > CDS Account-IPO > More > IPO
Method 2: Go to the Markets tab > MY > IPO > Available tab > Subscribe
Upstream Palm Oil Giant JPG Goes Public! Share Your Thoughts on the IPO!
Join the IPO now and share your subscription screenshot to win generous rewards!
100 points: Share a screenshot of your subscription to JPG on moomoo and write down your reasons for participating in the IPO.
88 points: What are your expectations for the future development of JPG? How do you plan to invest in the future?
The top 5 influential submissions over 30 words will be rewarded with 300 points.

Event time:
Malaysian Time: 2024/06/12 12 :00 PM – 2024/06/24 5:00 PM
1. The influential posts will be selected based on post quality, originality, creativity, and influence.
2. Posts that are not original or relevant shall be excluded.3. All rewards are mutually exclusive.

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