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Investments have done way better when i switched to Moomoo.

I've mentioned this before, but i started out investing the moment i turned 18 with $DBS Group Holdings(D05.SG)$ 's recommended mutual funds and digiportfolios, but soon realized they not only severely underperformed the benchmark, but charged a 1% annual fee.
Investments have done way better when i switched to Moomoo.
I decided abandon DBS and came across $Futu Holdings Ltd(FUTU.US)$ while broker searching, at first I didnt know what funds to invest in, but I eventually did my own spreadsheet of 5-year historical returns of each of the popular funds listed on Moomoo.
Investments have done way better when i switched to Moomoo.
This brought me to these funds, Mainly $Fidelity Funds-Global Technology Fund(LU1823568750.FD)$ for global technology (im still bullish on this as I've always been.)
Instead of other tech funds as this not only returned the highest according to historical data, but the highest return with the lowest volatility (risk) associated to it.
I then had $Allianz Oriental Income Fund(LU0417516571.FD)$ for Asia exposure as i found the beta correlation with the global tech fund to be relatively low (more diversified), and this is the only "good" asia fund Moomoo provides.
Lastly I took up $AB International Health Care Portfolio(LU0289739699.FD)$ as i wasnt interested in diversifying over stuff like metals or financials and their performance looks quite good.
As of recently, my funds returned about 1k, which is close to a 10% gain (this includes money market funds).
Admittedly it would've been higher if i didnt setup an RSP, but i never suggest people to dump 100% of their assets into one fund, even if you like the fund.
My biggest tip for investing and mutual funds in general is that, mutual funds RARELY ever consistently beat the market, you will NEVER find a mutual fund that consistently beats the market, you can only find ones that fit your goals and are "close enough".
Make sure to read the actual fund factsheet if you really want to know what the fund is about, and read their annual report if you want to know their strategic outlooks.
Lastly, continuing into 2024+, i expect AI to do even better than it has, but there is and always will be a risk of an AI bubble, that is something that happened to EVs (rip $Fisker(FSRNQ.US)$ ), and I wouldnt assume a perfect world.
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