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AI chip giants gather at Computex 2024: Will it bring new opportunities?
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From fundamental research ... Upwards potential 37% to 607 dollar

$Adobe(ADBE.US)$ Adobe is in an enviable position Generative artificial intelligence (algorithms that process text, images and audio) will change the industry in which Adobe operates shake vigorously. But Adobe is in this crucial position moment in an enviable position. Firstly are the Adobe applications ubiquitous in the creative sector and that won't change anytime soon because artistic creation is collaborative process. If all your customers and colleagues use Adobe, you can do it as a filmmaker, graphic designer or photographer cannot afford to to switch to another system. Creat's replacement etc ... (two pages research) ... [ copy from Leleux Associated Brokers from Belgium] BUY recommendation
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  • Money Thrill OP : Creative Cloud would be “an insurmountable obstacle.”
    barrier”), writes an analyst at Morningstar. Secondly, it has
    Adobe has the financial space to invest or to
    make strategic acquisitions. On the most recent balance sheet, that
    as of March 1, 2024, we see a net cash position of $2.7 billion.
    The San Jose company therefore has more than enough clout to handle the
    AI capabilities it already has (both in Creative Cloud,
    Document Cloud as a Digital Experience). Ten
    Third, Adobe owns a huge amount of data wherever it is
    can train algorithms on. Adobe Stock is an asset in our opinion
    that allows it to differentiate itself from other AI companies.

Retired investment advisor & Dr.