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Is Apple Intelligence impressive enough?
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CPI Data Sparks Anticipation of Interest Rate Cuts

Amidst the non-farm payroll data significantly surpassing expectations, the May CPI figures were released, showing an unadjusted year-over-year increase of 3.3%, with a forecast of 3.4%. Following the announcement, major stock indices began to surge, heralding the commencement of another episode in the interest rate cut saga. My speculation is that the influx of illegal immigrants in the United States may have contributed to the prosperity of the labor market but failed to make a significant contribution to economic growth, which can be somewhat inferred from the higher-than-expected unemployment rate. The market currently seems to expect a high probability of a rate cut in July, and if that does not materialize, a cut in November seems almost inevitable.
CPI Data Sparks Anticipation of Interest Rate Cuts
Turning back to individual stocks, due to the impact of the CPI data, most of the stocks I've been monitoring were trending upward in pre-market trading, with the exception of $Apple(AAPL.US)$. As of 20:53, AAPL's pre-market was down by about 0.4%, although it too experienced a rise after the CPI data was released. I believe that AAPL still warrants close observation. Yesterday's high-volume breakout was definitely a positive signal, but short-term profit-taking could also dominate. As long as it doesn't fall below the key psychological price level of $200, I think holding and waiting for further upward movement would be advisable.
CPI Data Sparks Anticipation of Interest Rate Cuts
$Arm Holdings(ARM.US)$ is a stock I mentioned in a previous article (Trend is all you need: A simple indicator that everyone can use!!!), which was placed in the final voting section. Most of the readers who saw that article seemed to have chosen 'Bullish'. Have you made any trades based on that sentiment?
CPI Data Sparks Anticipation of Interest Rate Cuts
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