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Berkshire 2024 highlights: Apple stake trimming, historic cash pile and more
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Berkshire’s 2024 Annual Shareholders Meeting!

Berkshire Hathaway 2024 Annual Shareholders Meeting
May 4 08:30
Are you ready to ride the wisdom wave with the grandmaster of investing himself? Buckle up now!
📅 Mark May 4, 2024, on your calendar – that's when the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting is hitting the airwaves, and you're invited to the front-row seat!
🤑💰 The "Sage of Omaha" is about to spill the beans on what to do with a cash pile. Will Warren Buffett reveal his next big move?
🍏📉 And speaking of big moves, the world is buzzing about Berkshire's recent tech-trim. The billion-dollar question is: Why did Buffett cut the Apple positions? Tune in to find out straight from the horse's mouth!
🇯🇵📈 Meanwhile, whispers of a land rising in the East are getting louder. Buffett's betting big on Japan's stock market – what does he see that others don't? Get the inside scoop during the live stream.
🇺🇸🏦 As the Fed juggles interest rates like a circus act, how does Buffett view the American economic tightrope? Watch him dissect the Fed's moves with the precision of a seasoned pro.
🍿 So grab your bucket of popcorn, rally your investment club, and get comfy. This is the investment party of the year, and you're on the VIP list!
👀 Stay alert for the live stream link – this is your chance to elevate your investment prowess to Oracle-level genius.
🔔 Hit that “Book Live“ button, set a reminder, tie a string around your finger – do whatever it takes not to miss this monumental event. It's time to invest in knowledge, the Buffett way. See you at the Berkshire Bonanza!
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