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Nvidia's 2024 AGM highlights: Pay packages and new AI market strategies
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Are you buying more into the stock split or after the stock split for Nvidia?

I’m selling off about half of my % $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$ shares and putting it into $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ before the split. I figure once that day hits and more casual retail investors start pumping into the roughly 110 per share of it it’ll pump up real quick to the 150ish range. I’m curious to hear if others are starting to load up pre split or waiting until it splits?
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  • Secret detective : Chances very high

  • Capoo : I agree with you but if everyone thinks like you, the opposite always happens, cause there’s someone out there is using that thought to earn himself loads of money

    With that thought, the casual retailer are pumping it now, not after the split, we might be at high

  • Bill A : To be honest, putting in any Mag 7 is safer than AMD. AMD is held back by its tragic PE and the underlying uncertainty in the PC market.

  • 比特币骗子勿扰 : After the split, NVDA didn't necessarily skyrocket like before; after all, it is a large company with nearly 3 trillion dollars. Look at Apple and Microsoft. Their profitability is also very good, but they are all rising steadily and slowly, with few daily gains of more than 3%. After the split, I may switch part of NVDA to AMD. If an organization wants to make big money with AI, I can only choose AMD.

  • mbre : great

  • IanGC : I have been considering your thoughts as well. I did the same when Google split. Difference is that Nvidia is much more per share at this point.