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        Guess the Fund 04: Which fund holds exposure to AI stocks will perform the best in August?

        Hi, mooers! Cheerlead
        Welcome to the fourth round of our "Guess the Fund" event!
        In this round, we will explore the latest information about AI tech giants and predict the future performance of funds with significant exposure to these companies based on market trends. Vote for the fund with the most potential and share your insights to win rewards!
        Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a highly anticipated and widely discussed topic since its inception. In the first half of this year, big tech companies have deepened their integration of AI into their core businesses, resulting in impressive stock market gains. As of mid-June, the price per share for $Alphabet-A(GOOGL.US)$'s Nasdaq-listed stock had risen from $88.71 to $124.06 since the beginning of the year[1]. Meanwhile, after $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$'s integration of generative AI into its search engine Bing, its share price has risen from $239.58 to $342.33[1].
        As the latest earnings season approaches, $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$'s latest earnings report revealed a decline in Azure cloud revenue performance despite massive investments in AI[2]. Although the impact of AI on enhancing revenue is yet to be significant, $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$ states that they will ramp up AI Investments. "We'll continue to invest in our cloud and AI infrastructure while scaling with growing demand". Chief Financial Officer of $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$ Hood concluded[3].
        $Meta Platforms(META.US)$, the top AI company, recently released an earnings report showing strong advertising revenue growth due to AI-driven products, resulting in beating Q2 2023 earnings estimates[4]. At the same time, $Meta Platforms(META.US)$ also announced that they will pursue more investments in AI[5].
        How will these AI tech giants perform in the next quarter?
        What is the development trend of their stocks?
        Which fund with significant exposure to them may yield the best results in August?Thinking Face

        The following are the top 4 best-selling funds with significant exposure to AI tech stocks on Moomoo Fund Hub.
        Which fund do you think will perform the best in August?
        *Fund Rankings list all mutual funds and fund portfolios on moomoo.
        *Popularity rankings display funds sorted by the number of subscriptions in the past week.
        The following graph compares the performance of the four funds, with their year-to-date returns ranging from 27% to 42%.
        Guess the Fund 04: Which fund holds exposure to AI stocks will perform the best in August?
        *The selected currency for the funds in this event is USD. Only one currency/dividend type will be displayed for the same fund.
        Calculation Formula: Fund Return = [Net Asset Value on T Day (31 August) – Net Asset Value on T Day (4 August)] / Net Asset Value on 4 August * 100%
        4 August – 31 August
        *The "Guess the Fund" vote will end at 23:59 SGT, 23 August.
        *Influential posts before 23:59 SGT, 31 August, will be eligible for the rewards.
        1.50 points: for mooers who vote and make a correct prediction at the event
        2.18% (3d) fund coupon: for writers of the top 5 influential posts of over 50 words
        The selection is based on post quality, originality, creativity, and influence.
        Posts that are not original or relevant shall be excluded.
        All rewards are mutually exclusive.
        All rewards will be distributed to your universal account within 15–30 working days after the winner announcement.
        PartySpecial Rewards
        [Guess the Fund] will take place regularly twice a month from April to August, with a total of 5 events. Additionally, participants who correctly guess the fund multiple times will be eligible for extra rewards!
        1.500 points: for mooers who correctly guess the best-performing fund in 3 events
        2.15% (3d) Fund Coupon: for mooers who correctly guess the best-performing fund in 4 events
        3.18.8 SGD Fund Cash Coupon: for mooers who correctly guess the best-performing fund in 5 events
        FireworksWinners announced for the third round
        In "Guess the Fund 03: Which fund investing in Chinese tech stocks will perform the best in June?",$GS Absolute Return Tracker Portfolio(LU1103307317.MF)$ was the top performer in June. Mooers who voted and made a correct prediction before 23:59 SGT on 23 June will receive 50 points! Congratulations to @ZnWC and @Seekr for their top 2 influential posts! @ZnWC will get an extra 300 points for sharing valuable and practical insights into other China tech-related funds!
        Three events have passed, and none of our participants has been able to win consecutively. However, that doesn't mean the door has closed on your chances of winning our special reward of 500 points. You could still be the first one to claim it by joining us in the fourth round of voting. Join us now and show us what you've got.
        Good luck, and see you soon!Smart

        This presentation is for information and educational use only and is not a recommendation or endorsement of any particular investment or investment strategy. See this link for more information.
        Disclaimer: Moomoo Technologies Inc. is providing this content for information and educational use only. Read more
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        • 102678535 : My vote for most promising fund to perform best in Aug  is $Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence (LU1548497426.MF)$  with potential in AI tech companies aggressively investing and doing well such as $Alphabet-A (GOOGL.US)$  and $Meta Platforms (META.US)$  and $Microsoft (MSFT.US)$

        • ZnWC : Which fund do you think will perform the best in August?

          1.$Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence (LU1548497426.MF)$ Mgt Fee 2.05% pa

          2.$Franklin Technology Fund (LU0109392836.MF)$ Mgt Fee 1.5% pa + Others 0.35%

          3.$BGF World Technology Fund (LU0056508442.MF)$ Mgt Fee 1.5% pa + Others 0.7% + 37.75% security lending fee

          4.$Fidelity Funds-Global Technology Fund (LU1046421795.MF)$ Mgt Fee 1.5% pa + Others 0.7%

          I think the 4 funds will perform the same. Despite the AI hype, the funds are subjected to volatility risk. The return may look impressive but the data are for long term investment (3 years return) and past data may not guarantee future performance.

          The other indicator I look at is the fee. You can check at:
          Fund Ticker>Subscribe>Rule>Fee
          Franklin Technology has the lowest among them. Fee is blended into the return and is bad news for long term investment.

          I'll choose Allianz Global based on good portfolio. Personally I prefer AI-related ETF which has even lower fee. If you're a swing trader, the above is not for you.