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        Buy at .61

        $The Oncology Institute(TOI.US)$  going to run into close. If it breaks .67 then it should make it to .81.
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        • Wind_Storm : This is heavily shorted. How sure are you it will run up?

        • Mordy Kitch : ? I’m down brughhhh

        • Mordy Kitch : Vargas. I guess average Down it is.

        • maddhatter : Who are you pimping for?

        • 财神爷8816 : keep dropping

        • Mcsnacks H TupackOP maddhatter: I was sent by the "awakened one."  People are so hungry and so greedy because everything seems tasteless. They are living for an abstraction which hasn't yet come to be.
          I am the man who woke up and lives in time which is now. Because the stock market is people wanting to live in the future. By bearing the past in mind, an attempt is made to cast it forward into visions of the future.
          So can you look at life as though no problems exist, although they do? To enjoy every second of every day one must have a mind without problems because problems are temporary.

        • maddhatter Mcsnacks H TupackOP: Gotta love it, good answer! You are a visionary and a philosopher. Sorry about the rude question. I only make 3 or 4 trades a month. Usually day but occasional swings. This wasn’t one of my better ones and I was obviously frustrated. Mostly like seeing your posts. Rock on 🤘

        • maddhatter maddhatter: Btw, who is the “awakened one”?

        • Mcsnacks H TupackOP maddhatter: The controllers of the market are trying to rid it of the daytraders which is why they started doing 1 day settlements in May. Also the reason for all the reverse splits is because of all the money the government was injecting to control the economies which caused billions of shares to be injected enriching mostly boards,officers and CEOs who took advantage of that. Almost a third of the market is going to have reverse split by the end of this year,reverse split twice in a two year period or will have been delisted. Thats nearly 2000 companies. The average rate used to be 18 over a 18 month period or 1 a month. Inflation is a big part of this adjustment. The government was like a substitute of money until a high inflation rate could be adjusted in.

        • Mcsnacks H TupackOP maddhatter: Buddha translates to the awakened one.

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