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        Debt-Limit deal passes House with broad bipartisan support
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        They wont pass the debt ceiling raise...

        This post is satire by the way.
        Citadel has too much to gain, they don't have to cover if theres no market right? Implode the dollar and markets gone. Haven't Citadel been short treasury bonds basically short selling the dollar. I think Kenny paid off a few politicians at their last builder berg meeting. Just saying they dont have to cover if theres no market to cover in. Make the dollar go worthless and naturally the price of most stocks will fall relative to the dollar. AMC/ GME/ SPY Stocks are traded world wide and based in American dollars. MAKE the dollar become worthless and you got yourself a get out of squeeze card.
        Make everything go worthless, restart new new economy on the digital dollar. All I can say is hodl if this happens.
        What if they came up with the digital dollar to get around the squeeze right, So they had it in place for a while then were going to release in like 2030 but then amc and gme happened and they were like lets just default in 2-3 years and reset everything. $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$$AMC Preferred Equity Unit(APE.US)$$GameStop(GME.US)$
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