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        SMART move by FORD

        $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ WHY ? They don’t need to worry about building cars with unnecessarily big, expensive, heavvy and inefficient batteries as GM (the “ultium” battery is a 💩 load), nor try to compete in software or in materials’s supply chain: they will just focus on doing what they are good at: building cars. Tesla is a tech company, a totally new animal, built from scratch for the new era. GM (Government Motors 😂 ) is just FKK’d, so much that they will stop building the Bolt, in a desperate attempt to build cars with some profitability but they seem to be unable: just a few Hummers and Cadillac Lyriqs. Let’s see what they do with the Blazer and the Silverado. I love the Silverado design, but from a powertrain-battery and efficiency point, it looks like crap: the sooner they throw to the garbage that “ultium” platform, the better for them.
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          TESLA holder and trader. Economics and tech studies, writer, traveller and chef for passion. FREE in SouthAmerica 😎