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        Big corporations are buying crypto in massive amounts, then why it is not going significantly higher? Who is selling that massive amounts of crypto?

        From time to time we hear about another whale buying massive amount of crypto, recently it was Tether. Yet the cost of BTC doesn't actually show on that. There are more and more entering it. Not just corporations, there are many rich individuals who think about it as safer than dollar or better investment than traditional ones. Well, somebody must be selling all of that crypto because otherwise it would go much higher. If I didn't invest already, I would do that too, simply because I can't find any other better long term options. Massive adoption (at least in terms of holding) can't be avoided and the rich know about that already.
        I can't imagine some early investors (tin foil anarchists) wanting to turn all of their crypto into dollars. Maybe just some of it to enjoy a yacht or something. The rest would be still stored in crypto. Don't think miners would put most of their stash on sale, unless they know there is a big reason to not care about crypto long term.
        It gives me impression like there is something significant we don't know about. Do you know who are the big sellers in crypto? $Bitcoin(BTC.CC)$ $Ethereum(ETH.CC)$ $Coinbase(COIN.US)$ $Tether(USDT.CC)$ $USDCoin(USDC.CC)$
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