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        Palantir Q2 earnings release: What's in store?
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        Palantir - The AI catalyst?

        JP_mykayaplus joined discussion · 05/13 20:48
        Palantir - The AI catalyst?
        $Palantir(PLTR.US)$ stock prices popped after they released their latest Q1'23 results.
        The stock and company were previously lauded as a hypergrowth stock. It was painfully sold down after the Feds turn hawkish but has now reported a stellar set of results.
        So what are the key takeaways from the company's results?
        1. Achieved GAAP net profitability for 2 successive quarters
        Source: Palantir_Q1_2023_Earnings V13
        Source: Palantir_Q1_2023_Earnings V13
        Palantir achieved a net profit of USD 17 million according to GAAP measures.
        And the best news is, it will remain profitable each quarter through the end of the year.
        Revenue for Q1'23 is at USD 525 million, which grew 17.7% YoY.
        2. AI catalyst incoming
        Source: Palantir_Q1_2023_Earnings V13
        Source: Palantir_Q1_2023_Earnings V13
        AI Platforms or AIP, is Palantir's AI solutions that allow organizations to use Large Language Model (LLM) and other cutting-edge AI in their data and processes safely and securely.
        It is another value-added service that synergizes with Palantir's current 2 segments - Government and Commercial.
        Both segments make up roughly half of Palantir's total revenue.
        3. Superb cash flow and debt management
        Source: Palantir_Q1_2023_Earnings V13
        Source: Palantir_Q1_2023_Earnings V13
        Palantir is surprisingly a net cash company with no debt.
        Its cash from operations has ballooned to USD 187 million, while adjusted free cash flow is at USD 189 million.
        So it wouldn't be expected to be tied down by any high interests expenses.
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