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        it might be going back to the historical low of .65

        $Bed Bath & Beyond Inc(BBBY.US)$ it might be going back to the historical low of .65
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        • Ripper : Was aLready there….. Just slightly higher, making it a valid inverse Dragon. The window of opportunity is being very patient as far as I can see.

        • Ripper : Everyone also realizes after his offering is complete. The company will have a healthy balance sheet… At least healthy enough to have a stock price of one $75 to 3 $ without question. And I just want everyone to realize how easy and quickly that $300 million share offering will fill… Shouldn’t take more than a day or 2

        • Ddang7 Ripper: Inverse? More like a continuing drop

        • Ripper Ddang7: From day one this was always been my expectations.
          Since the slow gradually decline It’s kind of made me question if it even have the ability to drop further… The only way to make a drop to the level it did is to make it happen.

        • Ripper Ripper: This one? Reverse split open at eight dollars at 4 AM tomorrow  I believe….. somehow that eight dollar reverse split turned into $1.50 a share by 7:30 AM. It closed that day at 4 o’clock at $23. This has all of the same attributes, but at a multiplier, you cannot even imagine.

        • Ddang7 Ripper: This is a totally different stock you are quoting, and different stocks have different way of movements.

        • Ripper Ddang7: Never mind why am I wasting my breath for you clearly, don’t know patterns

        • frank Gull_k19 Ripper: Ya dropping patterns, keep on buying with ur hope lol

        Thanks to all that have helped get me this far. There's plenty more to learn.